Kherson region

9 jun, 10:52

Ukraine's security service intercepts a call proving Russian sabotage group blew up Kakhovka dam

9 jun, 10:31

Russian terrorists are trying to worsen the situation they caused by blowing up Kakhovka dam – Zelensky

8 jun, 20:59

Nine people dead in dam-flooded town of Oleshky in Kherson region

Photo, video
8 jun, 19:53

Kakhovka dam destruction: 2,334 civilians have been rescued from flooded Kherson region

8 jun, 16:01

Ukraine and UN reach agreement for evacuation of people from occupied left-bank Kherson region if Russia provides access

Video, photo
8 jun, 11:50

Zelensky visits flooded Kherson region, calls meeting on Kakhovka dam destruction

8 jun, 10:44

Russians shoot at people trying to evacuate from flooded left-bank Kherson region – Rubryka

8 jun, 09:07

How Ukrainians rescue people and animals in flooded Kherson region: photo

7 jun, 22:15

Three people dead in flooding of occupied Oleshky after Kakhovka dam explosion

7 jun, 20:32

Zelensky holds talks with Macron on Kakhovka dam explosion and Ukraine's defense capabilities

7 jun, 17:40

Ukrainian-made "Bohun" all-terrain vehicle used in evacuation of flooded Kherson region

7 jun, 17:20

"Kakhovka dam explosion is the largest act of ecocide since beginning of full-scale war" – Ukraine's environment ministry

7 jun, 16:47

Rare species of desert rodents could become extinct because of Kakhovka dam destruction – ecologist

What's Happening
7 jun, 14:35

Underwater: What is happening in flooded Kherson and how people and animals evacuate

7 jun, 14:23

Solutions to win: Lithuania to send aid to Ukraine after Kakhovka dam destruction

7 jun, 12:09

Ukraine will build three new water mains for towns and villages affected by Kakhovka dam destruction

7 jun, 11:29

Ukraine's southern regions ban fishing as mass fish deaths occur caused by Kakhovka dam destruction

6 jun, 18:36

Hydroelectric power plant that cannot be restored: 15 facts about the Kakhovka NPP destroyed by the Russians

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