11 jan, 12:31

"There's a significant amount of work to be done. Will there be anyone to take care of it?": how to improve architectural education in Ukraine

24 dec, 13:50

Ukrainian education ministry presents manual for teachers on discussing war in schools

23 dec, 12:29

Career Hub enrolls students with disabilities for free course on creative jobs

19 dec, 14:15

Innovation and learning: how Ukraine is investing in the future by developing regional education

13 dec, 14:16

Business support school: solution for entrepreneurs and IDPs in Zhytomyr

5 dec, 14:26

Schools to receive Wi-Fi routers and webcams for learning during air-raid alerts

3 dec, 11:50

Ukrainian schools to hold volunteering class to encourage students help the military

29 nov, 10:16

Canada's Ontario will add the Holodomor — genocide of Ukrainians by starvation — to history curriculum in schools

28 nov, 15:50

Solutions from Ukraine: new electronic database of Crimean Tatar language unveiled for extensive research use

27 nov, 13:11

"We need to get up and do something": teenagers create change in rebuilding Ukraine’s communities

16 nov, 20:15

Ukrainian Victory Drones project launches free online course on crafting FPV drones

15 nov, 16:15

Ukrainian transplantologists undergo training in leading clinics in the USA

14 nov, 15:12

Solutions from Ukraine: Ukrainian Railways implements "barrier-free literacy" training for 10,000 rail staff serving clients with disabilities

12 nov, 15:50

Solutions to win: Ukrainian veterans can receive free 6-month education to pursue any job

10 nov, 21:28

Prometheus education platform starts free drone engineering course

8 nov, 16:22

Ukraine's digital ministry prepares financial assistance for citizens aiming to study English on Future Perfect program

7 nov, 13:52

Projector Foundation offers Ukrainian women refugees free training in creative and IT industries

6 nov, 12:32

400 hryvnias, 400 benefactors, and training for ten students: how the DoNation project works

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