7 sep, 14:50

Сhurch aims at secular education, Ministry of Education doesn't mind. What is the solution for parents?

Video report
1 sep, 14:55

Schoolchildren in space: Ukrainian project will cooperate with Elon Musk's Space X and NASA

What's Happening
1 sep, 13:10

Educational inequality in Ukraine is one of the most serious in Europe. What rural schools lack and how to fix it

31 aug, 18:41

The CYLA project helps students from Temporarily Occupied Territories to apply to Ukrainian universities

31 aug, 14:45

English in IT: is there life without language?

31 aug, 11:43

"Sit down, B!": where did the marks go and how will junior students be evaluated now?

20 aug, 15:38

Almost twice as fewer Ukrainians by the end of the century, why, what education has to do with it, and what to do

10 aug, 16:56

Look at us: a Ukrainian schoolgirl was officially recognized as a genius in the United States

28 jul, 10:45

Why school kids need apiaries, or how social entrepreneurship educates children

26 jul, 08:53

Summer part-time jobs for teenagers: what children and parents need to know

22 jul, 13:39

Ukraine and Hungary sign an intergovernmental agreement on mutual recognition of educational documents

20 jul, 13:56

Cabinet of Ministers plans to provide more than 60,000 teachers with laptops for UAH 980 million in subventions

18 jul, 20:58

Thousands of penguins crowding near Ukrainian polar station

5 jul, 20:43

Ask the children

2 jul, 09:03

One-third of Ukrainian schoolchildren didn't pass EIT in mathematics for an obvious reason: we explain why

25 jun, 21:37

An American university will be opened in Kyiv: where will it be?

10 jun, 16:56

Power to school kids! Students in Chernihiv region will receive a budget for their projects

9 jun, 17:00

ORDLO militants block checkpoints for children wanting to apply to Ukrainian educational institutions

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