Chernihiv region

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23 may, 11:59

Cozy Homes for IDPs: How a kind Ukrainian woman helps displaced people settle in

14 may, 16:21

Solutions to win: Pryluky residents transform old Niva car into armored vehicle for Ukraine's military

2 may, 22:20

Rebuilding Ukraine: France grants €400,000 to restore Chernihiv region's hospital and university

15 apr, 10:59

Solutions to win: 12-year-old girl raises over $50,000 for Ukraine's armed forces through handmade patriotic jewelry

9 apr, 16:23

"PEREMOHA LAB": Discover Ukrainian maker space where ideas turn into reality

20 mar, 14:15

Ukraine's border region of Chernihiv builds fortifications in case of new Russian attack

12 feb, 15:55

Eco-solutions: ecologists unveil program to rescue bison population in Zalissia National Park

2 feb, 21:34

Ukraine's reintegration ministry starts all-out reconstruction of war-battered Yahidne in the Chernihiv region

24 jan, 11:25

Construction of a modern hospitals in Chernihiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions financed by the German government

28 dec, 20:57

Latvia sends 32 electricity generators to Chernihiv schools and kindergartens

7 dec, 13:39

Eco-navigation: how teenagers in Chernihiv region are rebuilding their village and simplifying the lives of displaced people

15 oct, 17:27

Man killed and another injured after blowing up on Russian mine near northern Chernihiv

10 oct, 14:45

One of the most destroyed Ukrainian villages begins housing reconstruction

30 sep, 13:24

Mother of fallen Ukrainian soldier funds paving of street named in her son's honor

18 sep, 14:05

Combining tradition and modernity: community in Chernihiv region restores school according to ancient technique

22 aug, 12:56

VSELI HUB: teenagers in the Chernihiv region village created a special youth space

22 aug, 11:02

Chernihiv Wooden Lace: activists restore the historical heritage of the city

17 aug, 11:00

Ukrainian sappers employ mechanized demining to clear war-battered Chernihiv region

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