17:27 15 Oct 2023

Man killed and another injured after blowing up on Russian mine near northern Chernihiv

Russian landmine exploded in Chernihiv region, while the drivers were on their way to the local forest.

The explosion killed one man and injured another, authorities reported.

Ukrainian sappers are working at the accident spot, warning citizens to not enter unexplored forests, as there might be mines, left by Russian forces in the 2022 invasion.

Many frontline regions face the issue of mine contamination, which forces many locals, drivers and farmers leave their homes.

Ukrainian authorities urge civilians to avoid unknown and bumpy roads, touch suspicious objects, explore beaches at just liberated cities.

Ukraine's economy ministry calls on farmers to appeal to sappers to check their land and minimize the risks of injury.

The government states sappers do everything as quick as possible to reduce the danger level and clear the lands. According to the latest Parliament program, sappers must check over 200,000 hectares of Ukrainian land, 120,000 of which are already used by farmers.

Ukraine's agricultural company Nibulon has announced the delivery of the GCS-200 tracked demining platform made by Swiss company Global Clearance Solutions on its website.

Nibulon will receive four of these cutting-edge demining machines, each capable of clearing an area equivalent to a football field in a single day

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