Chernihiv region

8 dec, 17:21

How savED project helps rebuild schools in Ukraine's Chernihiv region

31 oct, 15:27

Where to pick mushrooms if you really want to: Rubryka found Ukraine's safe spots

30 oct, 16:26

Enemy again strikes Chernihiv region from its territory

25 oct, 15:32

Steinmeier's visit to Ukraine: German president had to hide in shelter in Chernihiv Oblast during air raid

31 aug, 20:30

How ecologists record crimes against environment: photo report from Chernihiv region

30 aug, 11:58

russia's environmental crimes in the Chernihiv region: how to make the occupier pay?

16 aug, 09:04

France to help demine war-torn Chernihiv region

13 aug, 12:12

Finland to join reconstruction of Chernihiv region

5 aug, 18:15

Repair Ukraine: How volunteers "clean up after russia" in Chernihiv region

24 jul, 12:57

Border areas of Sumy and Chernihiv regions shelled from russia

30 jun, 21:26

The French region will provide €1.1 million for projects supporting Ukraine

25 jun, 08:19

Invaders strike village of Desna and Zhytomyr region

23 may, 13:44

Zelensky: bodies of 87 people found under rubble after airstrike on Desna, Chernihiv region

16 may, 10:23

Critical infrastructure rebuilt in Chernihiv region after russian occupation

12 may, 15:14

Chernihiv region: Many buildings destroyed and 3 people killed after enemy airstrike on Novhorod-Siverskyi

31 mar, 18:11

Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated two settlements in Chernihiv region

30 mar, 13:49

Russian troops launched an airstrike on Nizhyn in Chernihiv region: there are casualties

30 mar, 11:13

Despite promises to withdraw troops, Russian troops shelled Chernihiv and Nizhyn at night, Head of Administration reports

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