Alice Smahina

She's got it
7 mar, 17:35

Theater, lectures and books: Ukrainian women promote their culture abroad

She's got it
1 mar, 11:24

Every senior deserves attention: charity fund taking care of nursing homes

28 feb, 15:16

People with disabilities in war: a complex problem in simple words

15 feb, 15:32

Animal-assisted therapy and military rehabilitation: How man's best friend can heal the scars of war

14 feb, 11:06

Ten stories of humanity: how Ukrainians support each other

In Handy
8 feb, 10:43

I'm frozen: how war desensitizes us and how to deal with it

3 feb, 14:55

Drones, helmets and mine detectors: Ukrainian "garage masters" helping the army

1 feb, 13:04

“Cats”, “hakes,” and “hedgehogs”: Transcarpathian sculptors helping the Armed Forces

1 feb, 12:47

"We're only united when we speak Ukrainian," or Project that turns state language into native tongue

In Handy
25 jan, 19:27

Get your resource back: how to support yourself in wartime

How does it work?
25 jan, 18:02

"Feeling like citizens": how public organizations adapt to conditions of war

24 jan, 13:29

From batteries to gas cans: how to dispose of things that help during blackouts

20 jan, 08:30

Occupied twice. Stories of Crimean women who survived Kherson occupation

17 jan, 14:13

More than just books: how Ukrainian libraries help IDPs

Look at us!
17 jan, 12:30

Ukraine's future: Ukrainian children's inventions that will change the world

What's Happening
10 jan, 10:37

Next station — Invincibility. How metro became Ukraine's mainstay

4 jan, 14:55

I have no home: how to help homeless in winter

In Handy
4 jan, 10:19

Finding the good in dark times: how to support yourself during blackouts

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