Alice Smahina

She's got it
5 jan, 15:05

Scrap by scrap: weaving together the stories of those waiting for loved ones at war

4 jan, 15:52

How Ukrainians implement inclusiveness to treat children with autism?

25 dec, 13:26

"BezOmbezh": how an inclusive transfer for military personnel and veterans works in Odesa

13 dec, 14:16

Business support school: solution for entrepreneurs and IDPs in Zhytomyr

12 dec, 14:30

Dark Sky Park and the living memory of a soldier: Ukrainian scouts help tourists in the Lviv region and honor a comrade

7 dec, 13:39

Eco-navigation: how teenagers in Chernihiv region are rebuilding their village and simplifying the lives of displaced people

In Handy
6 dec, 15:17

Why Ukrainians celebrate Christmas even during wartime

5 dec, 12:14

Circular construction in the Kharkiv region: Ukraine uses demolition waste for reconstruction

28 nov, 14:20

600 rescued fish and cats: contact room in Kharkiv helps people cope with stress

27 nov, 13:11

"We need to get up and do something": teenagers create change in rebuilding Ukraine’s communities

In Handy
24 nov, 14:03

"The situation at the front is changing, which means the nets must also change": how to properly weave camouflage nets

23 nov, 15:23

Ukrainian initiative on the forefront of digital cleanup: reducing carbon footprint and combating global warming

21 nov, 15:19

House of waste: how a Kharkiv resident builds a house "from nothing" in Khmelnytskyi region

20 nov, 15:36

Preventing fundraising fatigue: expert tips for volunteers

15 nov, 15:51

"An orphanage does not raise, but only sustains a child": what to do with Ukrainian orphanages

14 nov, 13:04

On the verge of divorce: repairing relationships and recognizing when to let go

13 nov, 13:23

“A toy will not solve all problems, but it will bring joy”: how an initiative that gives toys a second chance and supports children works

8 nov, 17:54

L'Oreal and "Unbroken" rehabilitation center team up to help Ukrainian women overcome war scars

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