Alice Smahina

She's got it
8 nov, 10:16

"We can eradicate the idea that violence is normal": how the Women's Rights Protection Department works

7 nov, 12:51

Sleep disorders: why sleeping pills don't work and where to look for a way out

6 nov, 12:32

400 hryvnias, 400 benefactors, and training for ten students: how the DoNation project works

She's got it
3 nov, 15:30

Incredible grandmothers: how grandparents are taught to help children and grandchildren in Lviv maternity hospital

1 nov, 13:42

"For us, this is a matter of honor": how the volunteer construction battalion Dobrobat works

29 oct, 09:18

Riskometer: the app helps determine stroke risk

26 oct, 15:10

Willows and poplars: how a rare Ukrainian tree packed with energy can help heat communities

She's got it
25 oct, 12:40

Shirtless: how the forum theater helps displaced women in Poltava to start living again

24 oct, 12:23

Stop, exhale, and inhale the Carpathian air: how and why retreats for Ukrainian journalists work

17 oct, 14:45

Winter is coming: how to set up invincibility points in communities?

16 oct, 11:45

Mastering project implementation in communities: nine essential steps for turning ideas into reality

11 oct, 13:32

Big businesses that prioritize philanthropy: five cases during the war

6 oct, 15:43

Green reconstruction: the community in Mykolaiv region is already using an eco-friendly approach to restoration

4 oct, 14:52

Bridges of trust: how Ukrainian communities cooperate with EU municipalities

27 sep, 13:17

Experiencing the stage through sound: how the Ukrainian project makes theater accessible for people with visual impairments

21 sep, 12:16

Capture or destroy: 18 monuments of Ukrainian architecture that Russia destroyed

18 sep, 14:56

RePainted Fox: How and why the Ukrainian literary games project works

18 sep, 14:05

Combining tradition and modernity: community in Chernihiv region restores school according to ancient technique

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