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Timeline: day 124 of Ukraine's defense against russia's aggression

Today is June 27. russia's military attack on Ukraine has been going on for 124 days. We're reporting on the current news. The article will be updated.

What about today?

Key points

During the four months of the fight, Ukrainians proved their bravery and unity to the world. putin's horde continues to fight from a position of fear, shelling homes and kindergartens under the guise of propaganda about the "defeat of military targets."

The conversations of russian soldiers intercepted by the Security Service and secret FSB methods testify to the present state of affairs; the "elite" of the occupiers continue to die in Ukraine, and those who survived are looking for ways to escape or get drunk out of fear. russian propaganda doesn't succeed in painting the image of "heroic liberators."

The key points from the Ukrainian army's General Staff's summary as of the morning of June 27:

  • The russian army carried out an unsuccessful assault in the area of ​​Dementiivka and Pozplidnyk in the Kharkiv region.
  • The enemy is advancing in the direction of Mazanivka, the Donetsk region. The battle continues.
  • Fighting continues in the area of ​​Vovchaiarivka. Near Verkhnokamianka, Ukraine's Defense Force inflicted heavy losses on the enemy and forced them to retreat.
  • Our soldiers found and neutralized the reconnaissance and sabotage group near Spirne and Yakivlivka and repulsed the assault in the direction of Klynove.
  • The Ukrainian troops stopped the enemy offensive in the Berestove and Vershyna districts. Near Maryinka, the enemy's attempts to advance didn't succeed.

In the Luhansk region, ruscist ammunition depots are burning in Zymohoria and Alchevsk. Weapons from the allies are in action! It's +/- 50 km to our nearest positions.

Total losses of russians during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine:

війна в україні день 124

During the whole war, our defenders eliminated 35,000 ruscists

We will not stop, our defenders say, until we destroy all Z-troops to the last soldier and liberate our territories. On the Ukrainian land, which the russians were so eager to capture, they had only a one-way ticket.

The Center for Strategic Communications received a survey from the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. Key figures:

  • For 94% of Ukrainians, Ukraine needs to become a true democracy.
  • 90% of Ukrainians would like to see Ukraine in the EU by 2030. Before the war, there were 58% of them.
  • 96% of Ukrainians trust the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and 78% said they donated money to the Armed Forces.
  • 78% began to speak more Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces again struck at the positions of the russians on Zmiinyi Island. The Ukrainian troops destroyed the enemy's anti-aircraft missile system. The spokeswoman of the South operational command, Natalia Humeniuk, announced this. That night, the Ukrainian forces carried out more than ten accurate hits on the island. We are investigating the situation, but it has already been confirmed that another Pantsir-C1 anti-aircraft missile and artillery system has been hit. Humeniuk says there is a storm in the Black Sea, but the occupiers left two ships carrying 16 cruise missiles on duty.

Zelensky made a speech at the G7 and said the war should end by winter. He thanked leaders for the defense and financial assistance. He asked for air defense systems and stricter sanctions against russia. Volodymyr Zelensky also expressed hope that the US State Department would support the decision to recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. In addition, the president proposed to create an effective global mechanism to confiscate frozen or seized russian assets, which should be one of the most prominent tools to deter other potential aggressors from attacking neighbors.

Path to the EU

The EU will not deprive Ukraine of the candidate status for EU membership if it doesn't comply with the conditions of the European Commission. Olha Stefanyshyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, stated this. The decision of the European Council, adopted on June 23, differs from the recommendation given by the European Commission. Ukraine has unconditionally received the status of a candidate.

As for the seven conditions, the decision stipulates that the European Commission will evaluate the implementation at the end of the year. It will determine the next steps related to membership. Fulfilling the conditions will allow the start of negotiations on accession to the EU. On the possibility of revoking the candidate status in case of non-fulfillment of certain conditions, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "No. Ukraine has received candidate status, period."

Who's coming to Ukraine?

On financial and information aid, weapons and politicians

війна в україні день 124

CNN reports that the United States plans to purchase NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems for Ukraine. SAMs are manufactured by the American-Norwegian concern and are in service in 12 countries.

Senator Jim Risch, Chairman of the Republican Wing of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, paid an official visit to the Kyiv region. Risch visited Hostomel and Irpin, where he witnessed the destruction of settlements and the consequences of the russian army crimes. The delegation also visited the Antonov International Airport, where the russian military destroyed the Ukrainian Mriia plane. The Kyiv Regional Military Administration head, Oleksii Kuleba, announced this.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu arrived in Kyiv on an official visit; during the day, Sandu visited Borodianka, Bucha, and Irpin in the Kyiv region.

Ukraine will receive equipment from the EU that protects against chemical and nuclear threats. The European Commission has responded to the Ukrainian government's request and will provide:

  • 300,000 specialized protective suits
  • 5,600 liters of decontaminating substances
  • Eight hundred fifty pieces of equipment for decontamination operations.

The United Kingdom will allocate up to ten million pounds to Ukraine for railway repairs to unblock grain exports, as well as initiate testing of grain sold by russia to determine whether it was exported from Ukraine.

News from partners!

Boris Johnson said that any attempt to resolve the conflict between Ukraine and russia would now allow putin to constantly manipulate both sovereign countries and international markets. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated this during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. The leaders agreed that now was a "critical moment for the course of the conflict in Ukraine" and that there was an opportunity to change the course of the war.

Lithuania plans to veto the European Commission's decision to allow unlimited transit of russian goods through the EU. Free and strong-willed country!

For the first time, NATO's new strategic concept will include protecting the "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Allies as the organization's core mission, Pais reported, citing a draft document expected to be approved at the alliance's summit in Madrid on June 28-30.

NATO will not unblock the Black Sea with its ships, as it could exacerbate the conflict with russia. NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoană said the Alliance was considering other options, for example, organizing a corridor in the sea together with russia. Because the occupying country is a "player on this stage." According to Geoană, it is a complicated option. Turkey is likely to help organize a safe corridor.

What did the leaders of the G7 countries agree on at the summit in Germany? The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andrii Yermak, reports:

  • The G7 countries will expand sanctions to restrict further russia's access to critical industrial resources, services, and technologies.
  • Also in sight are russian defense supply chains.
  • They will transfer the money from the increased duties on russian exports to Ukraine.
  • The G7 countries are ready to limit russia's income, including from gold.
  • They will impose sanctions on those responsible for human rights violations and the theft of Ukrainian grain.
  • The G7 will commit to helping Ukraine cover its short-term budget deficit.
  • The leaders will make long-term commitments to provide security and financial, humanitarian, military, and diplomatic support to Ukraine.

An exhibition of russian equipment destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces will open in Warsaw today. It is the first exhibition outside Ukraine of russian military equipment destroyed or seized by Ukraine's defense forces during the repulse of russia's armed aggression.

What about russia?

russia exported at least 400,000 tons of grain from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. At the time of the occupation, there were 1.5 million tons of grain; it's more than a quarter of all grain. Pro-russian resources report that in Crimea's Dzhankoi, by mid-summer, they allegedly plan to build a base to deliver agricultural products from the occupied regions of Ukraine.

Sanctions on the aggressor!

Turkey will not join sanctions against russia, even at the request of the West, Erdogan's spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said. "We can't do that because it will hit our economy first. On the other hand, we have a mediating role because everything goes through Turkey," he told Haberturk. Well, not at all surprised. Turkey's kindness to russia was immediately apparent. How can we not mention the ancient Ukrainian proverb that a Turk is not a Cossack?

Life considering hostilities

At the request of the Security Service of Ukraine, the YouTube platform blocked 442 pro-russian channels with a total of more than 15 million subscribers.

Ukrainian writer Serhii Zhadan will receive the Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels peace award for his art and civic stance during the war. According to the jury, Zhadan takes care of people and helps them, risking his own life. The German Booksellers Prize for Peace is an international prize awarded annually during the Frankfurt Book Fair. This year it is 25 thousand euros.

The Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine has launched an additional hotline number for residents of the temporarily occupied territories. The Ministry of Reintegration explained that if TOT residents don't have a mobile connection but have access to the Internet, they can leave a message or call through the mobile application WhatsApp / Telegram / Viber at +38 (096) 078 84 33 (around the clock). Citizens can use this number to obtain information on humanitarian issues, an internally displaced person's status, and information on returning from the temporarily occupied territories, including those who have been forcibly transferred to russia.

Ukrainian oligarch and entrepreneur Rinat Akhmetov has filed a lawsuit against russia in the European Court of Human Rights over the destruction of the Azovstal plant and other industrial facilities. He claims damages. Given the urgency and seriousness of the situation, Akhmetov asked to give the case a priority status. The amount of the lawsuit is not named, but they say about billions of dollars.

Kyiv and the region

війна в україні день 124

Disassembling the rubble of the residential building the russians hit with a missile is underway in Kyiv.

Restoring the airport in Hostomel costs $1 billion. This amount is needed only to restore the airport itself. It doesn't include the cost of repairing the fleet of aircraft damaged by the occupation of Hostomel by russian troops, CEO of Antonov Yevhen Havrilov said.

Residents of Demydiv, near Kyiv, which was flooded because of an attack by the russian occupiers, blocked the road to the capital on the morning of June 27. According to resident Natalia Bykhovchenko, residents of Demidov went to the rally to draw attention to the problems of the flooded village.

Cherkasy region

Details of yesterday's rocket attack on the Cherkasy region: a railway worker was killed, and three were seriously injured. The victim was servicing the railway tracks and was on duty. In addition, five other civilians were seriously injured. Three of them are now in hospital; doctors assess their condition as critical. The railway and residential buildings were also damaged—source: Ihor Taburets, the head of the region.

Donetsk and Luhansk regions

війна в україні день 124

The russians are shelling Lysychansk and its outskirts. The head of the Luhansk region said that two temples, houses, and infrastructure facilities were damaged. Lysychansk, Vovcheiarivka, Loskutivka, and Verkhnokamianka suffered from artillery shelling and air strikes. "Fighting is taking place in Vovchaiarivka. The russians tried to attack in the Verkhnokamianka area but were forced to retreat," Haidai wrote.

In Lysychansk, at least five high-rise buildings were damaged, in one of which ten apartments burned down at once. Six private houses were destroyed on one street.

In the Donetsk region, artillery shelling near Sloviansk, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Raihorodka, and Rai-Oleksandrivka continues. Missile strikes on Mykolaivka and Kostiantynivka. In one day, one person was killed, and eight were injured. The area is without gas and partially without water and electricity.

The bodies of another 100 people were found under the rubble of houses in the Livoberezhnyi district of Mariupol. However, according to the Ukrainian authorities, the occupiers who control the city do not plan to remove the bodies at the moment.

Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, called on Lysychansk residents to evacuate. The situation in the city is very serious and, according to him, there is a real threat to life and health.

Kharkiv region

At night, the occupiers struck at Kharkiv's Kyivskyi city district, the outskirts, and the Kharkiv district. There were several fires, burning cars, outbuildings, and two rooms of the production shop. At least one person was injured.

війна в україні день 124

At midnight, a russian rocket landed in the yard of one of the Kharkiv schools. There is a massive crater in the yard. The school building was partially destroyed.

A 21-year-old and a 57-year-old woman were killed in the shelling of russians in the Chuhuiv district. 2 more people were injured. The shells hit farm buildings, and the street gas pipeline was damaged.

In the temporarily occupied Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region, the russian military kidnapped the Ukrainian champion in BMX cycling and children's coach Oleksandr Chub. His sister Oleksandra noticed the video with him in the pro-russian media. She is confident that the recording was made under duress.

Sumy region

Yesterday, the russians fired more than 150 shells and mines at the Sumy region. One person died, and another was hospitalized. Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the head of the Sumy regional military administration, announced this.

Zhyvytskyi says the Krasnopillia community suffered the most; there were about a hundred hits in a day. Private outbuildings, a water tower, and a farm were damaged in the community's villages.

Dnipropetrovsk region

війна в україні день 124

In the frontline Shyroke community of the Kryvyi Rih district, the authorities conducted first aid training for residents. They teach to determine a critical condition, put on turnstiles, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Zaporizhzhia region

In the occupied cities of the Zaporizhzhia region, ruscists are forcing pensioners to obtain russian passports. They threaten the elderly that they will not be able to exist without fake documents.

Today at 4.45 am, ruscists fired at Vasylivka. Houses were destroyed, and the shelling damaged communications. It is currently known about three dead people and at least seven wounded. The number of victims is being clarified.

Adviser to the Mariupol mayor, Andriushchenko, reports that the occupiers are transferring military equipment from the Donetsk region to the Zaporizhzhia region.

Kherson region

The residents heard the shelling and explosions throughout the day in the Kherson region. In the fourth month, many villages are left without electricity, water, and gas. The abduction of civilians, including men, has increased.

Today russia's military released the head of the Stanislav territorial community, Ivan Samoilenko, from captivity, the Bilozerka village council reports. But not all prisoners of the occupiers return home.

The russian military fired on the village of Novovorontsovka, Kherson region. There were no military facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the town. The deputy of the settlement council, Dmytro Burlai, reported about it. "For the first time in 123 days, the russians hit the village with a missile. The missile flew from the left bank. It caused a lot of trouble. There's a crater over two meters high in the place where there was real estate. The private houses around are damaged. The morality level of the russian military is at zero. They send missiles at the village where there are no military facilities at all," Dmytro Burlai wrote on his Facebook page.

The occupiers opened a branch of the sanctioned russian bank Promsvyazbank in Kherson. It will be located in the office and call center of Raiffeisen Bank Aval in the city center. Promsvyazbank is one of the russian banks to which the maximum package of international sanctions has been applied. The bank is directly involved in financing russia's armed aggression against Ukraine. It also works in the occupied Crimea and the L/DPR.

Mykolaiv region

In the morning, the russians were shelling Bereznehuvate, resulting in damaged apartment houses. At about 4:30 a.m., the enemy fired on the Shyroke community. A kindergarten and home are destroyed.

Eight people in the Mykolaiv region were wounded in the last 24 hours.

Odesa region

війна в україні день 124

At night, the russians launched a missile strike at the Odesa region using Tu-22M strategic aircraft, the South operational command reports. Because of hitting a residential area of a peaceful settlement, several residential buildings and outbuildings of an approximate size of 500 m2 were destroyed and set on fire. Six people were injured, including one child. The State Emergency Service involved three units of equipment and 12 specialists. The fire has now been extinguished.

UPD: The missile strike injured eight people, including two children—3-year-old twins. About 60 houses were destroyed in the village. Four were burned to the ground.


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