6 jul, 13:58

Sanctions limit russia's capacity to produce precision missiles – EU High Representative Borrell

6 jul, 12:59

About a million Ukrainians are getting combat experience, Ukraine's security council secretary says

What's Happening
6 jul, 11:49

Timeline: day 133 of Ukraine's defense against russia's aggression (UPDATING)

6 jul, 11:48

Irish Prime Minister arrives on a working visit to Ukraine

6 jul, 08:39

The UK begins training Ukrainian troops

5 jul, 16:10

Ukrainian scientist won prestigious mathematical award

5 jul, 14:15

Final declaration on Ukraine's recovery was adopted at Lugano

5 jul, 13:10

Ukraine's commander-in-chief thanks Poland and the Czech Republic for tanks for Ukrainian defenders

5 jul, 12:15

russian army destroyed or occupied 90% of wind power plants in Ukraine – Ukraine's energy minister

What's Happening
5 jul, 12:07

Timeline: day 131 of Ukraine's defense against russia's aggression

5 jul, 11:29

Germany is ready to hold сonference on reforms in Ukraine in 2024, Minister of Development says

5 jul, 09:08

Ukraine and Sweden for the first time agree on joint bilateral cooperation statement

4 jul, 20:54

Ukraine presented a $750 billion recovery plan

4 jul, 18:54

Occupiers created russian "government" in the Kherson region

4 jul, 16:55

HIMARS helped Ukrainians target russians in Zaporizhzhia region

4 jul, 16:27

Ukraine's president revealed his plan to rebuild Ukraine at Lugano

4 jul, 15:29

Zelensky addressed Japanese universities community: russia chose the path of war, Ukraine fights for peace

4 jul, 12:39

French journalists come under russian fire in Donetsk region

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