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How to save on heating utility bills: 5 working solutions

"First aid" and long-term outlook for those who don't want to overpay for overly hot batteries

It's been the second or third winter in Kyiv one can call European. In 2019-2020, the average temperature in the capital from December to March was +2 degrees and never dropped below -10 degrees. The meteorological winter didn't show up, while the CHP plants continue to heat the houses with the same diligence.

City residents complain about the heat in their apartments and go out to protests, still not saving the situation: the problem of the lack of centralized heating regulation in apartments stays from one year to the next.

However, an overly high temperature isn't the key problem. The major trouble is that after a month, they'll receive utility bills with cosmic figures, which they'll be obliged to pay. We've collected actual ways to help you regulate the heating in your apartment and save on it. All solutions are now in one place.

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