9 nov, 12:40

Red Cross Ukraine and Coca-Cola deliver 37 mobile boiler houses to communities affected by war

26 oct, 15:10

Willows and poplars: how a rare Ukrainian tree packed with energy can help heat communities

8 sep, 12:59

"We're going to work 'till the end": how a Kherson community makes "firewood" with hay

31 jul, 09:52

Ukrainian government allocates ₴10 bln to restore and prepare energy industry for winter

6 dec, 15:10

Power generators and "silent death": how to choose the right device and protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning

30 nov, 10:35

Despite war, blackouts and cold: what shelters need to help animals survive winter

25 nov, 14:25

Lighting fire energy-efficiently: how to spend less money, get more heat and minimize environmental damage

7 nov, 15:31

Business without electricity: how does it work?

2 nov, 17:33

Light and warmth from what is at hand: simple life hacks for everyone

In Handy
26 oct, 14:24

Fully prepared for winter: what everyone should have at home

22 oct, 19:51

EU launches winter shelter programme and boosts humanitarian aid by €175 million

6 oct, 12:47

Ukraine is preparing for different scenarios: Zelensky held meeting regarding heating season

30 sep, 17:10

Cheap and ecological substitute for gas heating was found in US

26 aug, 17:30

War and forest: how much firewood does Ukraine need for a new heating season, and what are the eco-solutions?

25 aug, 10:56

Ukraine's forestry agency announces online store launch for legally cut wood

In Handy
12 aug, 19:52

Preparing for winter: all about heating, firewood, and staying warm when it's cold

29 jul, 15:45

Winter is coming: the consequences of firing at the TPP and what to do before the heating season

11 jan, 09:00

How to save on heating utility bills: 5 working solutions

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