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Rules of mushroom gatherers: how not to poison yourself with wild mushrooms

On the occasion of European Mushroom Day, we've collected the major tips on gathering and what to do if you feel poisoned.

Mushroom dishes are a traditional product of the diet of residents of many regions of Ukraine. According to surveys, 7 out of 10 of our compatriots consider themselves connoisseurs of wild mushrooms, often collect them, and understand how to cook incredibly tasty dishes and canned food from forest delicacies hunted on a "quiet hunt." The mushroom nation, that's what some Ukrainians call themselves.

But every year in Ukraine, hundreds of people die or are hospitalized due to mushroom poisoning. In August this year alone, 11 cases of wild mushroom poisoning were registered in Ukraine, hurting 19 people (17 adults and 2 children). The first decade of September brought an even sadder "harvest"; 2 of 12 cases of wild mushroom poisoning were fatal and even worse, those who failed to save their lives were children (4 and 12 years old).


To prevent poisoning by wild mushrooms, RUBRYKA decided to remind the basic rules of collection, processing, and consumption of these delicious, but not always safe, gifts of nature. If you love mushrooms or want to try yourself as a mushroom picker, this article is for you.

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