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Timeline: day 32 of Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression

Today, March 27, Russia's military attack on Ukraine has been going on for more than a month. We're reporting all the current news. The article will be constantly updated.

What is today?

Key points.

32 день війни хроніка війни

During the day on March 26, the Ukrainian military destroyed 18 air targets: one plane, twelve drones, and five missiles, according to the Air Force Command.

The Russian Horde has fewer and fewer planes and pilots. So now Russia is firing from afar so as not to endanger its planes. This is evidenced by the latest data from British intelligence, released by the British Ministry of Defense. And we see the wonderful work of our air defense every day, even without intelligence.

7 attacks were repulsed in Donetsk and Luhansk's directions. Russia lost 8 tanks, 8 armored vehicles, 3 vehicles, and one mortar.

During the month of the war against Ukraine, the Russian army lost 6 generals and at least 9 colonels. Another lieutenant general was fired in Russia: Sergei Kisel had previously commanded the first tank army, which no longer exists because Ukrainian soldiers were also "waiting" for it. And so "everything goes according to plan."

Total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 27.03:

32 день війни хроніка війни

Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave an interview to Russian journalists for the first time since the beginning of the war. The President shared how he imagines our victory: "Reducing the number of victims as much as possible, reducing the duration of this war. Withdrawing Russian troops to compromising territories. It is impossible to force Russia to completely liberate the entire territory. It will lead to the Third World War. The troops must return to where it all began. After that, we will try to resolve the Donbas issue."

Ukrainians hold the sky. The Insider estimates that yesterday Russia launched a record number of simultaneous missiles on the territory of Ukraine: 52 missiles from ships and at least 18 from Belarus. At the same time, the air defense of Ukraine set a record for the targets shot down: out of at least 70 Russian missiles, only 8 flew. Others were destroyed in the sky of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Humanitarian corridors 

32 день війни хроніка війни

Reintegration Minister Vereshchuk announced the humanitarian corridors to be opened on March 27:

  • Mariupol – Zaporizhzhia. You can leave Mariupol on your personal transport. Evacuation by bus is planned from Berdiansk, the city also has a free refueling.
  • Rubizhne – Bakhmut.

Warning! The head of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksii Kuleba said that no "green corridor" had been agreed upon in the Kyiv region. He warned that it is worth waiting for official flights.

In Slavutych, where the Russian occupiers are, humanitarian corridors have been announced for local residents. This information is fake! Kuleba asked all residents of the Kyiv region, and in particular, Slavutych, to treat this responsibly and not to join dubious evacuation routes.

16:00 – Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv came under fire together with a humanitarian mission on the way to Chernihiv. There are no casualties, there are wounded.

19:00 – Police evacuated 130 people from Rubizhne. The occupiers didn't observe a ceasefire.

Ukraine's talks with Russia

The ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine as soon as possible, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Ukraine. And, of course, clear, legally established security guarantees from a number of countries with the significant military potential to prevent a recurrence of this war in the future. Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the Head of the Office of the President, spoke about such principled positions of Ukraine in the talks with the Russian side.

The next round of talks between Ukraine and Russia will take place in Turkey on March 28-30, said the leader of the Servant of the People faction Davyd Arakhamia.

"Today, at another round of talks via video, it was decided to hold the next live round by two delegations in Turkey on March 28-30. Details later."

Peaceful atom

More than 10,000 hectares of forests are burning in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone due to hostilities. 31 fires were recorded, causing increased levels of radioactive air pollution. This was reported by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova.

In addition, the militarization of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone by Russian occupation forces has seriously increased the risk of damaging insulation facilities built over the plant's fourth power unit since its 1986 explosion. Such damage will inevitably lead to the entry of significant amounts of radioactive dust into the atmosphere and contaminate not only Ukraine but also other European countries. The occupying forces of the Russian Federation ignore threats and warnings and continue to transport and store a significant amount of ammunition in the immediate vicinity of the nuclear power plant.

Who's coming to Ukraine? 

About financial aid, weapons, and volunteer fighters

The United Kingdom will send humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the amount of 2 million pounds. Britain will send food to the besieged Ukrainian towns and villages. At the request of the Ukrainian government, Britain will buy dry food, canned food, and water. The supplies will start arriving in Ukraine next week.

Greece has sent 75 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, which will reach Rivne and Khmelnytskyi.

The National Bank of Slovakia sent 2 armored vehicles to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Switzerland has sent another consignment of humanitarian aid: 15 tons of medicines and 40 tons of food.

The charity donated a batch of bulletproof vests to the Ministry of Health, which will be given to emergency physicians. Several more batches of bulletproof vests are expected to be delivered in the near future. Now ambulance crews, which are the first to go to the scene and often save the lives of Ukrainians under bullets and explosions, will be protected, said the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

32 день війни хроніка війни

590 StarLink systems were also handed over to Ukrainian medical institutions. "Thanks to SpaceX's broadband satellite, our hospitals will always be able to stay in touch. This is extremely important in times of war," said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

The Government of Ukraine has adopted a resolution equating bulletproof vests and helmets to humanitarian aid. Now they can be imported by declaration, no other documents are required.

The import of bulletproof vests, portable radios for non-civilian use, UAVs and quadcopters for non-civilian use, binoculars, optical tubes and monoculars for non-civilian use, collimator and optical sights for non-civilian use, as well as thermal imagers and night vision devices has also been simplified. All you need to import them is a letter of guarantee from the end-user.

The Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace said that a batch of portable anti-aircraft missile systems, Starstreak, has already been handed over to Ukraine. Starstreak is designed to defeat enemy helicopters and aircraft.

News from partners

32 день війни хроніка війни

Tens of thousands of people took part in a rally of solidarity with Ukraine in London yesterday.

Five criminal proceedings have been opened in Latvia for supporting Russia's war against Ukraine.

The second front: the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan demanded that Russia withdraw troops from the country: there is no Nagorno-Karabakh.

Many European countries are currently dependent on Russian gas, but that does not mean that there is no alternative. For example, Slovakia is in talks to replace Russian gas with Qatar. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia Ivan Korčok during the international forum Doha forum. Today, oil is supplied to Slovakia only from Russia. In addition, 85% of the gas used in the country also comes from Russia.

9 foreign countries have opened their own investigations into Russian war crimes in Ukraine. These are Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, and France.

Save Ukraine! 20 countries broadcast a charity concert marathon. The marathon brought together 20 countries and more than 50 participants who support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. During the broadcast, which is currently watched by several thousand viewers, funds are being raised to solve humanitarian problems in Ukraine. Fundraising will continue after the concert.

What's in Russia?

32 день війни хроніка війни

Russia has called for the help of Abkhazians: another group of suicides will go to war in Ukraine.

Russian lies 

Hristo Grozev said in an interview that he forced himself to watch Russian news and then checked all the information again for a long time. From the very beginning, he had no doubt that fakes were being shown there, but even such an experienced journalist could not believe that someone could lie so skillfully. Summary from the review: "I now understand why my former Russian friends are so sure of the correctness of the war. Because you can't survive without becoming a zombie." Russians, if you want to live, turn off the TV!

Sanctions on the aggressor!

Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance has abandoned the Z logo on social media. "We temporarily refuse to use the letter Z in social channels in cases where it is used separately and may be misinterpreted," the company said in a statement. No healthy company will want to look like Russian fascists at least remotely.

32 день війни хроніка війни

Britain named the conditions for lifting sanctions on Russia. "Sanctions against Russia can be lifted only with a complete ceasefire and withdrawal of troops," said British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss. She also said that in the event of further aggression, immediate sanctions should be imposed. Orcs should be removed only after their complete destruction.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has published a sanctions list of 47 pro-Putin artists and politicians. "As they say in Ukraine: "Russian war song, sail with the Russian ship," said Minister Tkachenko.

The United Kingdom will suspend cooperation with Russia in the field of science due to the war in Ukraine. At the same time, the kingdom will allocate almost $4 million to support Ukrainian scientists.

Life considering hostilities

Every Ukrainian whose house was destroyed by the war will be able to record the damage caused by the Diia app; such an option should be available in a week, said Prime Minister Shmyhal.

Kyiv and region

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that the Russian army is withdrawing several units to the Chornobyl area, then to Belarus to restore combat capability and blockade Kyiv from the southwest. Some units of the 35th All-Military Army of the Eastern Military District, which suffered significant losses during the offensive, are being regrouped.

In Irpin, at least 50 people remain in the occupied part of the city. They tried to get out on their own, but returned because the occupiers staged shelling, Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushin said. "I am sure we will be able to evacuate these people in the near future," Markushyn said. According to the mayor, fighting continues in the city. But the Ukrainian military repulses the offensive and counterattacks. Also, three families with small children were removed from Irpin.

22:00 – There are no more occupiers in Slavutych in the Kyiv region. They have left the city limits again, says the mayor of Slavutych Yurii Fomichev: "They did their job, which they wanted to do; they checked the city. Today they finished doing it and left. There are no more of them in the city at the moment." He also spoke about the fakes that the Russians tried to spread. The city allegedly cooperated with the occupiers and asked for humanitarian aid. "We are not cooperating with the occupiers," Fomichev said.

To recap, on March 26, Russian troops approached Slavutych, shelling a checkpoint. On March 27, they entered the city, and residents met them with mass protests.

Donetsk and Luhansk regions 

In Mariupol, the Russian occupier shot an 11-year-old girl in the face. The girl survived and is undergoing rehabilitation; she has been safe for 9 days. This is what you need to be a beast to shoot at a child!

In the Luhansk region, orcs did not wait for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and fired mortars at their own positions, Haidai reports. Currently, fighting continues in Rubizhne and Popasna, our military is pushing the enemy out of the areas where they were previously established.

Russian fascists take our children out! Residents of occupied Donetsk report hundreds of deported people from Mariupol being placed in the city's hospitals and schools. Among them are children without parents.

Eyewitnesses say that some of the people who were taken out of the newly occupied territories were placed in schools in Donetsk. The head of the DNR, Pushilin, was to visit one of them today. But the inscription "Glory to Ukraine" appeared at the school in the morning, so the visit had to be canceled. People walk and shout "Glory to Ukraine" on the city streets.

On March 27, a child died in the Russian shelling in Borivske. There are also two injured, including another child, said the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhii Haidai. The occupiers destroyed 12 buildings in the Luhansk region: 4 high-rise buildings, 5 private houses, and other buildings. Another warehouse in Severodonetsk was damaged.

Kharkiv region

The occupiers once again used TOS-1A in the Kharkiv region. TOS-1 Pinocchio, a Russian heavy 220-mm heavy rocket-propelled grenade launcher based on the T-72 tank. Thermobaric warheads explode in two stages. Due to this action, thermobaric munitions have a much stronger force of impact and blast wave. The Armed Forces promise to catch and burn the crew of the killer.

32 день війни хроніка війни

Husarivka, Kharkiv region. It was occupied by 2 battalion tactical groups of the Russian occupiers with the support of Russian special forces. The occupiers were knocked out. About 60 units of equipment were destroyed. Personnel losses are being clarified, but the bill is in the hundreds.

Ukrainian defenders liberated Vilkhivka, near Kharkiv, killed about 70 occupiers, and captured 27. This was announced by the battalion commanders of the Kharkiv branch of the Azov Territorial Defense Konstantin Nemichev and Serhii Velychko in Telegram and Facebook.

Kherson region

Intense fighting continues in the Novovorontsovka territorial community, the territory of which was liberated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The shelling is on both sides.

Besides, the fight proceeds in the areas which are near the Mykolaiv region, namely in Stanislav and Velyka Oleksandrivka. Information on the destruction and casualties is being clarified.

The grand opening of the new runway, light and navigation system at the Kherson International Airport in Chornobaivka was scheduled for March 27. "We were supposed to celebrate the completion of a project that hundreds of dedicated people were working on. But today is the 32nd day of the war. Instead of an airport, we have burned ground. Russian fascist troops instead of our favorite passengers. Tears replaced the smile," the director of the Kherson International Airport, Vitalii Kucheruk, wrote.

21:00 – In Kherson, the occupiers broke down the door and broke into the headquarters of the Office of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. They also removed the state flag and probably took out equipment and documents.

Chernihiv region

In the Chernihiv region, the occupiers kidnapped 7 people. Among them is Mayor Oleksander Medvedev.

 Mayor of Chernihiv Vladyslav Atroshenko asked the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy not to rush to exchange Russian military pilots who bombed Chernihiv and were shot down and taken prisoner near the city, on behalf of all citizens on the air of the Kyiv TV channel.

Volyn region

"In Volyn, the military shot down three missiles fired from the territory of the Republic of Belarus," said Andrii Yarmolskyi, Deputy Head of the Regional Military Administration. It happened last night. Three of them were shot down by our air defense!

22:30 – Residents of Lutsk report explosions and smoke in the city. Lutsk Mayor Ihor Polishchuk urged everyone to stay in hiding and not share photos and videos of the explosions on social media. Explosions are also heard in the Volyn region, according to the local military administration. No casualties have been reported so far.

23:00 – The explosions that took place today in Lutsk were missile attacks on the oil depot. This was announced by the head of the Volyn Regional Administration Yurii Pohuliaiko.

Lviv region 

Adjusters of enemy fire were detained in Lviv. The man filmed the moment of the rocket's flight and its hit. Also, his tablet had photos of all checkpoints in the region. He sent this information to two Russian numbers.

Also in the city, Lviv residents caught the driver of the car, whose phone had videos and photos of the movement of our military.

32 день війни хроніка війни

On Sunday morning, March 27, a large-scale fire was extinguished in Lviv on the territory of one of the industrial enterprises for fuel storage, which occurred the day before due to Russian shelling. Extinguishing the fire lasted all night, a total of about 13 hours.

Since the beginning of the war in the Lviv region, four communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate have joined the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


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