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Ukraine dominates battlefield technology development and testing on global stage – defense ministry

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Ukraine is one of the world leaders in developing and testing new technological solutions on the battlefield, particularly in using artificial intelligence in unmanned systems.

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Kateryna Chernohorenko, stated this during the first meeting on implementing the Political Declaration on the Responsible Use of AI in the military sphere, which the USA organizes, the press service of the Ministry of Defense reports.

As it was emphasized, the political declaration on the responsible use of artificial intelligence in the military sphere at the initiative of the American side was signed last year by 46 countries, including Ukraine, the United States, Japan, and other countries of Africa, Europe, and North America.

"Ukraine uses artificial intelligence to save people's lives by developing defense technologies. Meanwhile, Russia uses artificial intelligence for Shahed UAVs, destroying everything in the range of its weapons: hospitals, educational institutions, orphanages, etc.," said the official.

The Ministry of Defense noted that this initiative contributes to creating an international system of responsibility, and it indicates that Russia is not among the signatories.

"Ukraine is one of the world leaders in developing and testing new technological solutions on the battlefield. We have a solution for using AI effectively in the development of unmanned systems. Some options have already been tested and are even used on the front lines," the Deputy Minister of Defense emphasized.

In 2020, the government adopted Order No. 1556, "On the Approval of the Concept for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Ukraine". Implementation of the Concept is foreseen for the period until 2030. The Roadmap for implementing the Concept for 2021-2024 was also approved.

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It is worth adding that the OpenAI company lifted the ban on using artificial intelligence for military purposes, effectively allowing them to use its technology.

In addition, artificial intelligence will be involved in demining the Ukrainian territory. An American technology company will help implement the planned strategy.

Also, Great Britain is cooperating with allies, in particular the United States, to provide Ukraine with thousands of new drones with artificial intelligence support.

It is worth adding that the Pentagon also cannot do without AI, but they say that its use should be cautious, and the data has been rechecked many times.

The US Department of Defense aims to deploy thousands of autonomous vehicles with artificial intelligence by 2026 to keep pace with China.

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