20 feb, 10:20

Solutions to win: Ukraine develops new robot platform for evacuation of wounded soldiers

19 feb, 15:44

Ukraine to digitize customs to combat corruption and fraud

19 feb, 13:40

Preserving local history amid war: Mykolaiv to digitize over 1,000 old postcards and photos from museums

17 feb, 16:30

Solutions from Ukraine: National Bank to test long-awaited e-hryvnia electronic currency

11 feb, 18:46

Solutions from Ukraine: Ministry of Health aims to incorporate telemedicine into every aspect of medical care

11 feb, 15:29

Solutions to win: Ukraine achieves parity with Russia in long-range kamikaze drone production

11 feb, 14:58

France sends 6,000 tablets to Kyiv schools

11 feb, 14:25

Ukraine to establish nationwide production of electronic warfare systems

8 feb, 16:58

Diia e-government app unveils interactive map of opened shelters

7 feb, 14:32

Solutions to win: Ukraine is developing analog of Russian Lancet drone

6 feb, 16:07

Ukraine's air alert app to notify users of natural and man-made disasters

5 feb, 16:30

Solutions to win: ten Ukrainian cities to host free 3D printing workshops for military production skills training

2 feb, 11:59

Ukraine unveils National Electronic Library for vital preservation of historical documents amid war

23 jan, 15:20

Ukraine's defense ministry opens hackathon to seek best tech solutions to improve drones

23 jan, 13:59

Ukrainian innovators develop AI collar decoding language of cats

11 jan, 13:10

Ukrainian student develops remote rehabilitation system

3 jan, 20:23

How to Save Money During a Holiday Season

2 jan, 16:05

Solutions from Ukraine: Rivne region tests new app for assessing mental wellbeing

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