21 apr, 16:48

Making doctor's appointment and voting from bed: digitalization illustrated by Estonia

21 apr, 13:48

Design of Ukrainian gadgets for pet owners recognized as the best in an international competition

20 apr, 10:15

Drones against grass burners: how to fight dead-and-down arson in Zakarpattia

17 apr, 13:45

"I jokingly put up a colleague's photo at an NFT auction and sold it for $40." How to make money selling images on the Internet?

15 apr, 11:25

"You'll bliss out": what new things await us in "Diia" and other digitalization surprises. Interview with Mykhailo Fedorov

12 apr, 09:05

To the stars: how the only aerospace center in Ukraine works

30 mar, 16:39

Ukraine becomes the first country where digital passports will have the same legal power as physical ones

Competition in IT
24 mar, 13:00

Competition in IT: profession "old-timers" against newcomers

14 mar, 09:35

How to reach the stars: what's the uniqueness of Ukrainian planetariums

5 mar, 09:03

Bitcoins, or mining in apartment: everything you need to know

2 mar, 10:45

Business Intelligence: without BI, business is no longer a business

1 mar, 13:08

Future is near: a child is operated on by a robot in Lviv

1 mar, 09:38

Ukraine presents an all-terrain vehicle in Turkey that has no analogs in the world

26 feb, 11:54

Trend 2021–civic tech. What you need to know about public technology

What's Happening
19 feb, 11:36

New Blue Whale on TikTok? How to protect a child from suicide

18 feb, 16:17

Radio for millennials. Complete instructions for Clubhouse from inside

16 feb, 13:23

Ukraine will track illegal mining or extraction of minerals using satellite images

15 feb, 09:18

I want to get to IT: a guide for beginners. Which side is it better to choose when entering programming?

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