08:57 20 Feb 2024

United to win: Canada to send 800 drones worth $95 mln to Ukraine

Canada plans to provide Ukraine with 800 SkyRanger R70 drones as part of a $95 million military aid package. 

The Canadian Ministry of Defense said drones have automated and autonomous navigation systems, allowing them to carry various camera systems and payloads for detecting and identifying targets, Rubryka reports.

Operators will be able to recognize various targets from a long distance in any weather or time of day. SkyRanger R70 drones can also carry various payloads weighing up to 3.5 kilograms, including ammunition.

These drones also play a crucial role in observation and collecting reconnaissance information. Canada is working with Ukraine on a training plan and delivery schedule, with the drone transfer expected to begin this spring.

"As we approach the second anniversary of Russia's illegal invasion, Canada stands firmly with Ukraine in defense of freedom and democracy. In coordination with our allies and partners, we will continue to provide Ukraine with the military aid that it needs to fight and win this war," said Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair. "Today's announcement ensures that Ukraine has the drones it needs to detect and identify targets which are critical to Ukraine's ongoing fight. Canada will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes."

The defense department reported that these drones are part of a Canadian aid package valued at $500 million, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in June 2023.

What we know about Canada's aid for Ukraine

Despite being located far from Ukraine, Canada, along with the United States, has supported Ukrainians in the aggressive war initiated by Russia.

Overall, since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Canada has allocated over $9.7 billion in financial aid to Ukraine, including $2.4 billion in military support.

On February 14, Canada announced it would provide CA$60 million (approximately US$44 million) for Ukraine's defense.

Specifically, the country has provided Leopard 2 tanks, anti-aircraft defense systems, artillery for armored vehicles, and ammunition. Additionally, 200 Senator armored vehicles, which Canada had previously promised to transfer to Ukraine, have already been produced. Ukrainian military personnel have also received a batch of modern armored vehicles.

Since Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea in 2014, Canada has imposed sanctions on over 2,600 Russian individuals and entities.

At the end of October, representatives of Canada proposed to create a coalition of countries to facilitate the return of Ukrainian children abducted and deported by Russia.


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