13 jun, 14:37

United to win: Canada to send over 2,000 CRV7 rocket engines, small arms cartridges, and remote control systems to Ukraine

13 jun, 10:23

United to win: Canada delivers first four armored vehicles to Ukraine from 50-batch shipment

4 jun, 09:45

Canada to prioritize return of abducted Ukrainian children at Peace Summit – PM Trudeau

30 may, 22:55

Canada, Denmark, and France greenlight Kyiv to utilize their weapons against Russian territory

29 may, 20:58

Canada donates life-saving medical vehicles to Ukraine for severely ill patients

7 apr, 13:59

Canada increases support amid delays in US aid

19 mar, 10:18

Canadian military shares images from Ukrainian soldiers' training in Poland

16 mar, 11:58

Canada and UN send mine clearance vehicles to Ukrainian rescuers

8 mar, 10:57

Canada joins Ukraine's drone coalition

1 mar, 12:35

Canada ready to send its troops to Ukraine to train soldiers

24 feb, 20:27

Rebuilding Ukraine: Canada allocates 130 million dollars for Ukraine's reconstruction

24 feb, 17:44

Zelensky and Trudeau sign security cooperation agreement in Kyiv

23 feb, 18:32

Canada imposes new set of sanctions against Russia

22 feb, 11:46

Canada to allocate $23 mln for ammunition to Ukraine

20 feb, 08:57

United to win: Canada to send 800 drones worth $95 mln to Ukraine

14 feb, 17:49

United to win: Canada commits $44 mln for defense assistance to Ukraine

7 feb, 13:47

Canada backs free trade agreement with Ukraine

3 feb, 10:24

Canada may transfer decommissioned CRV7 missiles to Ukraine – CBC

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