2 dec, 16:22

United to win: Germany trains second group of Ukrainian military on Patriot air defense system

2 dec, 11:48

United to win: Rheinmetall plans to start production of armored vehicles in Ukraine already next year

30 nov, 15:44

France to increase ammunition supply to Ukraine

30 nov, 13:58

United to win: Professors from top universities join forces to back fundraiser for air threat detection system for Ukraine

29 nov, 15:28

Ukraine has received only 300,000 shells from the EU from the planned million – foreign minister

28 nov, 09:56

US and Ukraine forge agreement to enhance military aid monitoring, ensuring increased transparency

27 nov, 14:56

Ukraine's intelligence executes successful attack on Smolensk aviation plant in Russia

27 nov, 10:59

Czech Republic to grant licenses for military materials supply to Ukraine instead of military equipment

24 nov, 20:23

Canada sends 11,000 assault rifles to Ukraine in new military aid package

24 nov, 16:39

Russian forces improve janky Soviet armored vehicles to prolong the war – Forbes

24 nov, 09:59

Ukraine prioritizes missile weapons and ammunition procurement in 2024 defense budget

23 nov, 14:20

Solutions to win: Ukraine accelerates supply of new weapons to its armed forces

22 nov, 12:23

United to win: Canada to allocate almost $1 billion to help Ukrainian forces

22 nov, 11:15

Ukraine develops new powerful projectile to equip drones

21 nov, 16:00

United to win: German company transfers 3D-printed drones to Ukraine's military

21 nov, 15:58

United to win: Germany pledges €1.3 billion military aid package for Ukraine

20 nov, 21:26

US grants Ukraine $100 mln in military aid for critical defense needs

20 nov, 20:16

US unveils new defense package – Zelensky

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