16:17 19 Nov 2023

Solutions from Ukraine: UAnimals introduces new award to recognize kids' books that promote kindness toward animals

UAnimals, an animal protection organization, has launched the inaugural book award for children's literature that promotes the compassionate treatment of animals. A panel of psychologists, folklorists, and a young boy named Leo from Irpin, whose stirring rendition of the national song "Red viburnum" has captured the nation's hearts, will select the winners.

The communicators of the animal protection organization UAnimals reported this to Rubryka.

What is the problem?

Instilling a humane attitude towards animals in children plays an important role in shaping their personality and developing moral values.

This teaches children to show compassion, understand the needs and feelings of animals, and develop responsibility and a caring attitude toward other living beings.

Humane treatment of animals also contributes to the formation of ethical principles, teaching children to respect nature and fostering responsible citizenship in them. This process contributes to creating a socially responsible generation, ready to care for the environment and interact with other life forms with respect and love.

In his research, the American sociologist and anthropologist Arnold Arluke concluded that children who are cruel to animals may become hostile to people in the future. That is why teaching children to be sensitive to animals is so important because this is the foundation of their kindness and humanity.

What is the solution?

UAnimals, an animal protection organization, launched the first book award for children's books promoting humane animal treatment.

How does it work?

In December, UAnimals will present the Humane Book Award for the first time. This is an award for writers for works that help form a humane and caring attitude towards animals and the environment in children.

"The UAnimals team founded the "Humane Book" primarily to remind about the powerful power of books to shape a person's worldview and to show how many worthwhile children's books about animals or the environment there are. Previously, we launched the UAnimals.Kids project, which is entirely dedicated to the topic, forms a humane attitude of children towards animals and all living beings. We are convinced that humanity is nurtured from a young age, and adults are responsible for it. We want to help adults with practical advice and content," Liudmyla Smoliar, UAnimals editor-in-chief, says.

How to nominate?

Using the link, anyone can nominate a book for the award by November 26, inclusive.

These should be books by Ukrainian authors and in the Ukrainian language, published in 2022-2023, for children and about humane treatment of animals and the environment.

The award ceremony will take place in mid-December.

The jury of the award included moms, dads, and the most meticulous reader:

  • Olesia Naumovska — doctor of philological sciences, associate professor, head of the department of folkloristics of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University;
  • Yuliia Slyvka — publisher, PhD philologist, blogger;
  • Svitlana Roiz, who is a child and family psychologist;
  • Leo Busha – the same boy from Irpin who inspired Ukraine with the performance of "Red Viburnum";
  • Liudmyla Smoliar – the editor-in-chief of the UAnimals organization;
  • Ihor Koval –  an influencer, volunteer, and co-owner of a children's clothing store.

"Reading helps create a child's inner world. Reading at different ages is about the value of spending time with parents, meeting in the safe space of a book with a new experience, and developing imagination. The book helps adults and children explore what may still be unconscious. People who have developed the skill of reading and a love for it can more easily cope with uncertainty and have a more developed skill of reflection," psychologist Svitlana Roiz says.

For reference:

Since 2016, the UAnimals animal protection organization has promoted humane values and saved animals from cruelty.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, it has been engaged in rescuing animals from war through:

  • evacuating;
  • feeding;
  • treating;
  • reconstructing the shelters;
  • helping nature parks.

The UAnimals team launched the #StopEcocideUkraine international project to hold Russia accountable for wartime environmental crimes.

Moreover, UAnimals has launched a blood donation platform for animals.

Rubryka also reported that the Megogo media service and UAnimals created posters for "movies from the future" with the help of artificial intelligence.

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