Stray animals

23 may, 11:42

Solutions from Ukraine: "Azovstal" defenders' families and UAnimals launch clothing line to support captive heroes and war-torn animals

17 mar, 21:40

Ukrainian animal shelter opens "AdoptMe Days" at Kyiv Expocenter

9 feb, 15:40

Kyiv volunteers to host "AdoptMe Days" event to find families for stray animals

18 jan, 20:30

Ukraine's largest real estate portal and Kyiv rescue shelter urge citizens to adopt pet before housewarming

28 nov, 14:20

600 rescued fish and cats: contact room in Kharkiv helps people cope with stress

19 nov, 16:17

Solutions from Ukraine: UAnimals introduces new award to recognize kids' books that promote kindness toward animals

10 nov, 22:23

Happy Paw fund raises over $26,000 to shelter stray animals during winter

7 oct, 15:10

Ukrainian Happy Paw shelter starts nationwide lesson of kindness to animals for children

28 aug, 16:57

Why is there still mass euthanasia of animals in Ukraine, and how to counter the illegal killing of stray cats and dogs?

25 aug, 17:45

Kyiv volunteers raise funds to build enclosures for evacuated animals from war zone

22 aug, 15:47

Ukrainian postage stamps raise funds to rebuild animal shelter in war-torn Hostomel

4 aug, 16:44

Ukrainian NGO UAnimals unveils platform with blood donors for animals

3 aug, 10:47

How to reduce the amount of roadkill in Ukraine?

23 jul, 22:00

Ukrainian artists create mural dedicated to animals rescuer from Kyiv region

11 jul, 12:36

Record number of Kyiv residents fostered homeless animals in June

14 jun, 10:06

Beehive of love and kindness: Kyiv Patron Pet Center helps rescued animals from the Kherson region

4 may, 13:50

Ukrainian tech company offering $1,000 prize for best project caring for stray animals

2 may, 14:53

How a unique Ukrainian shelter provides animals a first-class home

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