15 mar, 16:23

Ukrainian writer Andrii Kurkov listed for 2023 Booker Prize

12 mar, 18:00

Solutions from Ukraine: Save Pets of Ukraine initiative published charity book about rescuing animals from war

12 mar, 10:42

Solution to win: Ukrainian bookstore collects books for wounded soldiers

8 mar, 15:37

Ukraine's Old Lion Publishing House awarded Europe's best children’s publisher

31 jan, 09:37

Book on Ukraine’s historical regions tops Amazon bestseller list

28 jan, 13:46

Stephen King calls on Russia to stop war in Ukraine

24 jan, 16:58

Rubryka collected books for elderly and libraries

17 jan, 14:13

More than just books: how Ukrainian libraries help IDPs

2 jan, 15:37

Social book project "Railway Home" was created to support Ukrainian children: how does this solution work

1 nov, 10:45

TOP-5 books and movies that will inspire you to try veganism for at least one day

5 oct, 15:55

Ukrainian First Lady opened "Ukrainian bookshelf" in Poland's Main Library of Masovian Voivodeship

10 aug, 18:17

Publishing house exclusively for e-books established in Ukraine

Special Project
1 aug, 15:59

"With my boxes full of books," or story about volunteering and not forgetting home

26 jul, 12:38

russian forces destroy Ukrainian children's literature in occupied territories

21 apr, 15:56

Marvel plans to suspend sales and licenses for its comics in russia

1 mar, 20:52

Ukrainian organizations call on the world to boycott Russian books

Special Project
1 feb, 17:25

How to adjust to positive changes? 5 books to recover

13 dec, 16:55

"Education can instill in children a strong habit of reading to develop critical and analytical thinking," Oleksandra Koval, Ukrainian Book Institute director on promoting reading

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