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United to win: Netherlands delivers four mobile field hospitals to Ukrainian border guards

Photo: Ukraine's State Border Service

The Netherlands provided Ukraine's State Border Service with powerful medical equipment, Rubryka reports.

What is the problem?

During fierce battles, Ukrainian soldiers often receive severe injuries. Timely medical care provided in field hospitals saves their lives.

The mobile field hospital is intended to treat and rehabilitate wounded soldiers and displaced persons.

What is the solution?

The State Border Service of Ukraine received a large batch of medical equipment from the Netherlands. The Netherlands handed over four mobile field hospitals to Ukrainian border guards.

How does it work?

Four ballistic-armored medical modules for stabilization and diagnostics and a dental office arrived in Ukraine.

"We received stabilization and diagnostic modules that will be used at the front. Inside the module, there is everything needed for various operations, including complex ones," says Anatolii Kovalenko, head of the medical support department of the Steel Border brigade.

The mobile complexes are supplied by the manufacturing company Hospitainer under the government program and coordination of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

Photo: Ukraine's State Border Service

The medical equipment corresponds to the classification and standards of the armies of NATO countries — Role 1, Role 2 Basic, Role 2 Enhanced — and is already in the service of border medics and is used as intended, saving lives.

The Hospitainer arrived in Ukraine to deliver aid, not for the first time. Representative of the organization Bar-Jop Kruisen added that the company had already handed over nine such hospitals to the Ukrainian military and was planning to send 12 more.

The modules are highly mobile, protected, autonomous, and equipped to provide high-quality medical care. These hospitals are all-season and have all the necessary equipment and medicines. Medics can provide first aid, perform operations, and deploy inpatients.

"This is a highly mobile complex that can be deployed in any part of the area, assist fighters, and quickly uninstall and go to another area to help. That's why I think these modules will improve our mobility and assistance during the evacuation stages," says Oleksandr Solobchuk, head of the Steel Border brigade health service.

The head of the dental department of one of the border guard hospitals, Oleksandr Kuznetsov, said that mobilized soldiers often had problems with their teeth, and thanks to a new medical office, soldiers would be able to receive high-quality dentistry even close to the front line.

Reform of Ukraine's State Security Service

With the support of foreign partners, the State Border Service of Ukraine is being reformed and rearmed according to the standards of NATO partner countries.

The department is rapidly increasing the capacity of the medical support units and invites people who want to work in a professional team with modern equipment and benefit their country. The service recruits doctors and middle and junior medical personnel through employment, mobilization, and contract service. Contact the recruitment centers if you want to join.

Rubryka reported that the Czech Republic agreed with Denmark and the Netherlands on supplying weapons to Ukraine. Kyiv will receive additional tanks, howitzers, small arms, infantry fighting vehicles, air defense equipment, electronic warfare equipment, or ammunition from defense industry companies.

In September, the Netherlands delivered a batch of Toyota Land Cruiser medical off-road vehicles to the border guards.

In August, the Netherlands announced it would provide Ukraine with about 1,000 portable charges for remote demining of territories.

Ukraine will also receive 42 F-16 aircraft from the Netherlands after Ukrainian pilots and engineers complete their training.

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