17 feb, 15:46

Zelensky holds diplomatic meetings with leaders from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands in Munich

14 feb, 14:59

United to win: Netherlands joins advanced drone coalition to aid Ukraine

10 feb, 22:22

Dutch defense minister pushes for unrestricted military aid to Ukraine

5 feb, 16:29

United to win: Netherlands plans to transfer six more F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

27 jan, 13:45

Netherlands join Ukraine IT coalition and allocate €10 mln for cybersecurity

29 dec, 17:59

"Russia does not stop": Dutch PM urges allies to keep supporting Ukraine in its fight

22 dec, 15:59

Netherlands prepares to send 18 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine – Zelensky

21 dec, 16:45

Netherlands approve year-long €100 mln aid for Ukraine's humanitarian needs

5 dec, 20:45

Zelensky and Dutch FM hold talks on F-16 pilot training and Ukraine's armed forces support

1 dec, 15:50

United to win: 15 ambulances from the Netherlands arrive at Ukraine's State Border Service

27 nov, 13:04

Crimean museum artifacts, displayed in Amsterdam, return to Ukraine after decade-long legal battle

23 nov, 11:28

Netherlands sees far-right party win elections: its leader stands against aid to Ukraine

17 nov, 20:29

United to win: Netherlands allocates additional €2 bln in military aid to Ukraine

3 nov, 13:12

Netherlands to allocate €500 mln more in military aid to Ukraine

30 oct, 17:59

Zelensky and Dutch PM discuss Ukraine's defense needs and Middle East situation

28 oct, 17:00

Ukraine and Netherlands start talks on a bilateral security guarantees

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16 oct, 14:27

United to win: Netherlands delivers four mobile field hospitals to Ukrainian border guards

13 oct, 19:46

Netherlands to deliver another batch of Patriot missiles to Ukraine

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