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United to win: Netherlands hands over a batch of off-road medical vehicles to Ukraine‘s border guards

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The Dutch company handed over six powerful Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SUVs specially adapted to the Ukrainian border guards for emergency medical care.

The State Border Service reported this, Rubryka writes.

What is the problem?

On the front line, providing timely medical assistance to Ukrainian soldiers is very important because a soldier can die due to heavy blood loss if not evacuated on time.

For this, a medic or comrade next to a wounded soldier should have the necessary medical material. It is essential to evacuate them from the battlefield quickly and take them to the stabilization point, then to the nearest hospital.

"The life of the wounded fighter, as well as the team that rescues them, depends on the speed of the evacuation," the border guards emphasized.

What is the solution?

The company from the Netherlands handed over six powerful Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SUVs, which are specially adapted for emergency medical assistance, to the Ukrainian border guards.

How does it work?

The vehicles are equipped with everything necessary and allow the evacuation of the wounded directly from the battlefield.

"Cars play one of the key roles. Toyota Land Cruiser 70s provided by foreign partners are powerful cars that are specially adapted for emergency medical care and have the necessary equipment for the quick evacuation of the wounded," the message emphasized.

It is noted that the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series is a family of SUVs produced by the company, almost unchanged since 1984.

They are distinguished by extremely high reliability and good roadability and have a simple and reliable design.

Such cars are widely used by the military, rescuers, and doctors in many countries worldwide.

We will remind you that the Netherlands plans to supply Ukraine with kits for express DNA tests so that Ukrainian children kidnapped by the aggressor country can be identified and reunited with their families as soon as possible.

In addition, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are planning to transfer M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine shortly. They are necessary for the Ukrainian army's counteroffensive, but the number is not disclosed.

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