15:10 03 Oct 2023

Solutions to win: Ukrainian volunteers equip armored vehicles with new EW devices

Photo: Facebook/ Roman Donik

Ukrainian volunteers have bought radio-electronic countermeasures that can be installed on armored vehicles to defend against Russian drones.

A military man and volunteer, Roman Donik, reported this on Facebook.

What is the problem?

FPV drones are known to have the highest cost-effectiveness ratio, and their production can be quickly scaled up to massive scales due to the low cost and simplicity of the technology.

It is noted that the threat of mass strikes by homemade FPV drones is currently only gaining momentum and is already a severe threat. The military actively uses them on both sides of the battle line.

At the same time, FPV drones, in case of proliferation, can become a means of almost mass destruction:

  • they allow you to strike quickly while in relative safety,
  • cost pennies,
  • can cause significant damage,
  • are accurate munitions that hit even moving vehicles.

Worst of all, no ready-made counter-defense solution can be produced on the same scale and at the same speed as these drones appear.

What is the solution?

The donors provided the electronic warfare equipment to one of the assault units.

How does it work?

As reported, the military received 21 sets of on-board electronic warfare systems that can be installed on armored vehicles.

"Very expensive. But effective. We need more, and we need a lot," the volunteer stressed.

РЕБ для бронетехніки

Photo: Facebook / Roman Donik

These kits are designed to produce a compact "dome: of radio-electronic interference, effectively blocking communication between the operator and the drone during the final part of its flight.

"In today's realities, protecting armored vehicles of assault units from enemy FPV drones is significant. Spear drones can disrupt a well-planned operation and put modern equipment out of order," reports a volunteer.

РЕБ для бронетехніки

Photo: Facebook / Roman Donik

For reference:

It should be noted that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, 80-120 Russian EW stations have been destroyed.

Ivan Pavlenko, the head of the General Directorate of Electronic Security and Cyber Security of the General Staff of Ukraine's armed forces, also stated that in some areas of the Ukrainian-Russian front, the Defense Forces simultaneously capture 250-300 drones in the air.

As Rubryka wrote, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces forced the command of the Russian army to change the management system and adapt EW systems to protect against Ukrainian drones.

Rubryka previously reported that Estonia provided Ukrainian rescuers with a batch of aid for underwater demining.

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