27 nov, 16:43

Ukraine must boost production of strike and reconnaissance drones for vital military advancement – Air Force

27 nov, 14:56

Ukraine's intelligence executes successful attack on Smolensk aviation plant in Russia

27 nov, 14:45

British intelligence confirms record Russian army losses due to assault on Avdiivka

26 nov, 21:15

Western air defense trumps Soviet systems with critical advantage – Ukraine's armed forces

26 nov, 16:26

Ukraine plans to boost number of mobile air defense units in north

26 nov, 08:55

Russian troops with aviation support try to surround Avdiivka, Ukraine's defense forces repell 23 attacks — General Staff

25 nov, 18:29

Solutions to win: Ministry of Defense successfully tests new Ukrainian-made FPV drones

25 nov, 15:13

Solutions to win: Ukrainian polar explorers unveil Dream of Antarctica chevron in fundraising efforts

25 nov, 13:47

Nearly a dozen Russian soldiers surrendered near Avdiivka last night

25 nov, 12:46

Ukrainian volunteers created sapper robot for the military and rescuers

24 nov, 21:39

Russian sabotage groups trying to breach through defenses in liberated Kharkiv region – Ukrainian border guards

In Handy
24 nov, 14:03

"The situation at the front is changing, which means the nets must also change": how to properly weave camouflage nets

24 nov, 08:45

Ukrainian forces repel 20 attacks near Avdiivka amid ongoing Russian attempts to encircle the city

23 nov, 08:36

Ukrainian soldiers attacking Russian positions in several directions on left bank of Kherson region

22 nov, 17:59

Russia has lost 36,000 troops over the past two months – Ukrainian defense minister

22 nov, 16:41

Russian forces assault Avdiivka on ground but lose 80% of all equipment – AFU spokesman

22 nov, 12:23

United to win: Canada to allocate almost $1 billion to help Ukrainian forces

22 nov, 09:33

UK has trained and supplied 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers

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