Video 17:03 23 Jun 2023

Russian shelling of Kyiv region causes 10 hectares of forest to burn down

Фото скриншот відео

Russia's latest attack caused 10 hectares of forest to burn down in the Kyiv region.

Previously, the fire was triggered by a mass detonation of ammunition, which enemy forces planted during the region's occupation in 2022, authorities say.

Ten hectares of forest were destroyed by a large-scale fire that broke out after another enemy shelling in the Kyiv region. The fire over the aggressors' trenches in Zdvyzhivka grew exponentially, the police said in a statement.

According to her, the fire broke out on June 16. At that time, it was reported that Russian Kalibr missiles were launched from the Black Sea and that air defense systems were operating in the Kyiv region.

It was the afternoon of 16 June. As a result of Russian shelling, a forest caught fire. There had been Russian positions there during the occupation, and fierce fighting continued there. There was also an enemy ammunition depot there. 

Of course, mine clearance work was done after liberation, but due to the fact that there was an ammunition depot and a lot of the ammunition was deep underground, the mass detonation began. The explosions continued intensively from about 15:00-15:30 until around 20:00. There were short intervals between them.

The State Emergency Service, the police, and forestry management representatives all attended the scene, but the explosions were so intense that it was impossible to put the fire out.

Therefore, they decided to dig trenches to stop the fire from spreading. In the evening, when the explosions had subsided somewhat, armored vehicles and a tractor were brought in, and trenches were dug, and this halted the progress of the fire. 

The part of the forest where the explosions occurred, however, burned down. 

The forestry departments are currently calculating the losses.

The police are urging local people not to go to forests, as it can be life-threatening.


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