10 dec, 16:22

Barracks for newly mobilized russians on fire in Crimea

8 oct, 09:04

Traffic on Crimean Bridge completely stopped, huge queues at petrol stations

8 oct, 08:07

Road section of Crimean Bridge destroyed – Ukraine’s Air Force

25 aug, 16:38

Energoatom: Due to fire, ZNPP was completely disconnected from power grid, first time in history

13 aug, 14:08

Forest fires ravage Zakarpattia region, planes and helicopters operating

27 jul, 11:52

Large-scale fires now contained in California

22 jul, 11:05

Shelling and fires in cities: what are the consequences for the city environment and how to deal with them?

20 jul, 16:20

230 hectares of wheat burnt to the shelling in the Kherson region

20 jul, 10:30

Massive fires raging in Western Europe amid abnormal heatwave

11 jul, 15:12

Kyiv residents are advised to close the windows and doors tightly due to the smell of burning

5 jun, 13:56

Grist storages on fire after Russia’s missile strikes on Mykolaiv

6 apr, 19:46

Almost 50 people were burned alive as a result of Mariupol hospital bombing by russians, the mayor reports

27 mar, 17:33

In the exclusion zone near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant due to hostilities burning more than 10 thousand hectares of forests

22 mar, 09:38

Fires are raging in Chornobyl zone: 7 outbreaks recorded

20 mar, 15:42

A rocket fell close to the residential buildings in the Svyatoshyno district; 6 people were wounded, 2 of whom were hospitalized

5 jan, 19:35

How and what kind of fire to put out: safety rules that everyone should know

13 oct, 12:25

How's the Church of St. Nicholas? Where are 25 million and what's the recovery stage?

17 aug, 10:06

Rescuers who helped put out fires in Greece return to Ukraine

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