Kyiv region

23 sep, 10:02

Educational center created in Kyiv region for children of russia-destroyed schools and kindergartens

21 sep, 16:50

Milk for donations, white hellebore for russians, and incredible people: how farmers in Kyiv region survived hostilities

14 sep, 14:09

"The main thing is not to make manicure on the hands, but to take these hands into your own": how beauty volunteers help those who survived occupation

3 sep, 17:03

Half a year without electricity and winter without prospects: what is happening in the village of Moschun in the Kyiv region

20 aug, 10:15

Homeless Animals Day: How Hostomel shelter survived during russian occupation

17 aug, 07:45

Stork's home: what's happening to Kyiv region's Demydiv flooded to stop enemies

16 aug, 16:36

Case of West Nile fever was recorded in Kyiv region

15 aug, 09:15

Ukraine to launch eco-project in Kyiv region to recycle waste from infrastructure destroyed by russia

17 jul, 23:19

ZLO: Filming of movie about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine begins in Irpin

6 jul, 16:08

Kidnapped people, partisan headquarters, and a small child: how the family of a pilot from Kyiv region lived and fought during russia's occupation

30 jun, 21:26

The French region will provide €1.1 million for projects supporting Ukraine

28 jun, 10:55

The "green" boiler house in Kyiv region provided 40% of the city's needs

27 jun, 14:38

Moldovan President visits Bucha, Irpin, and Borodianka in Kyiv region

17 jun, 18:02

Estonian aid and ambassador behind the wheel: five buses traveled 2,300 km to get to Vyshneve

17 jun, 17:15

"Even we, sappers, don't know all these insidious mines": how Kyiv region is demined

12 jun, 16:56

Architect Hiroki Matsuura will develop a master plan for Irpin

31 may, 17:17

Slovak President arrives in Ukraine on a visit

30 may, 13:29

French Foreign Minister visits Bucha

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