11:27 17 Mar 2022

ZNPP power lines damaged by enemy shelling

As a result of enemy shelling on March 16, the high-voltage transmission line ZNPP – Kakhovka 750 kV was damaged

Energoatom reported this in Telegram.

According to the company, the capacity of the two operating ZNPP units has been reduced.

"On March 16, 2022, as a result of enemy shelling, the high-voltage transmission line of ZNPP – Kakhovka 750 kV was damaged, through which electricity is supplied from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Thus, of the four high-voltage lines, only one remained operational. As a result, the capacity of the two operating ZNPP units was reduced.

It is currently impossible to repair the line, as active fighting continues in the area of ​​damage," the statement said.

"Zaporizhzhia NPP and the city of Enerhodar have been captured by the occupiers and have been under the control of enemy troops for 13 days. The occupiers continue to detonate shells and mines on the territory of the station that didn't explode during the shelling, but they do so mostly directly at the place where such ammunition is found. That is, anywhere on the site of the station," Energoatom added.

Currently, all 6 power units of Zaporizhzhia NPP are serviced by Ukrainian personnel. The shifts can be rotated, the company said.

The occupiers didn't interfere in the operation of the nuclear power plant, "but the personnel has to agree on all technical decisions with the commander of the invaders."

"Employees of the station are under strong psychological pressure from the occupiers. Armed terrorists carefully check all personnel on arrival at the station. As a result, nuclear and radiation safety is under threat," Energoatom said.

Because of the actual blockade of Enerhodar, problems with fuel, food, and essential medicines remain.

Energoatom also reports that, as of 10:00 on March 17, all four operating Ukrainian nuclear power plants continue to generate electricity stably. Their total current capacity provides the necessary amounts of electricity for the needs of the country.

"Radiation, fire, and environmental conditions at the industrial sites of nuclear power plants and adjacent territories haven't changed and are within current standards.

The main equipment of the reactor compartments of power units, premises, and buildings of power plants, the perimeters of protected areas and adjacent territories, as well as particularly important NPP facilities outside their protected areas, are under strict supervision and control," the statement said.


On the night of March 4, ZNPP reactors were in danger due to shelling by the Russian military and fire.

Firefighters were initially barred from fighting the blaze but were later allowed to do so.

In Enerhodar, 6 power units, while only one exploded at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. In total, there are 15 nuclear units in Ukraine.

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