6 may, 15:42

Ukraine's energy minister denounces Russia's potential launch of Zaporizhzhia NPP as "absurd"

23 mar, 13:58

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant on verge of blackout for the second time today

12 mar, 18:32

Russian invaders hold ten ZNPP workers captive in torture chambers – mayor of Enerhodar

8 mar, 15:16

UN nuclear watchdog board demands Russia return Zaporizhzhia plant to Ukraine's control

25 feb, 13:55

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant powered by single power supply line for five past days

23 feb, 21:16

Powerful explosions rang out near occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant – IAEA report

17 jan, 15:23

IAEA finally gains access to reactor halls at Russia-controlled Zaporizhzhia plant

17 dec, 13:29

Russian authorities plan to forcibly issue passports to Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant workers – intelligence

5 dec, 21:59

IAEA completes successful mission rotation at Zaporizhzhia power plant

2 dec, 10:50

Complete blackout occurred at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, threatening nuclear safety

30 nov, 14:40

Two explosions recorded near two Ukrainian nuclear power plants — IAEA

17 nov, 10:21

ISW: Russia is strengthening its presence and control over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

14 nov, 16:21

IAEA demands Russian occupiers allow attendance at ZNPP emergency drills

6 oct, 08:55

Satellite intelligence reveals evidence of Russia using Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant as military cover

29 sep, 11:17

IAEA adopts resolution demanding Russia withdraw from Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

23 sep, 17:18

IAEA confirms presence of mines at Zaporizhzhia power plant

15 aug, 17:32

Russian troops abduct another Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant employee in occupied Enerhodar

20 jul, 18:33

Ukrainian personnel refuse to comply with Russia's order to start fourth power unit at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

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