2 dec, 14:26

IAEA Director General hopes Zaporizhzhia NPP zone of physical and nuclear safety will be created by end of year

27 nov, 15:36

Energoatom: There are signs of possible Russians’ withdrawal from Zaporizhzhia NPP

24 nov, 16:26

Power restored at Zaporizhzhia NPP, start-up operations are underway at three other Ukrainian NPPs

21 nov, 17:29

Occupiers may prevent IAEA from entering Zaporizhzhia NPP to assess damage

20 nov, 14:31

Explosions rock area of ZNPP, damage ‘not critical for nuclear safety’ - IAEA

6 nov, 08:11

Zaporizhzhia NPP reconnected to Ukraine’s power grid – IAEA

31 oct, 12:59

russians caused environmental disaster at nuclear plant site – Energoatom

28 oct, 19:49

"Success is not guaranteed": IAEA head on creation of ZNPP safety zone

24 oct, 18:52

G7 condemns Russia's kidnapping of Ukraine nuclear plant leadership

20 oct, 09:22

Occupying forces began to remove Ukrainian property from Enerhodar — Energoatom

19 oct, 12:42

ZNPP Security Zone: UN nuclear chief to visit Ukraine and russia

17 oct, 10:04

Last external ZNPP power line was disconnected due to russian shelling

14 oct, 23:30

IAEA: Back-up power to Zaporizhzhia NPP restored

8 oct, 21:02

IAEA chief announces urgent steps to protect Zaporizhzhia NPP

8 oct, 19:44

EU does not recognize russia’s seizure of ZNPP, calls for reinforced IAEA presence at site

8 oct, 08:50

russians completely disconnect Zaporizhzhia NPP

3 oct, 12:44

UN nuclear chief goes to Kyiv and Moscow to bat for nuclear security zone

1 oct, 14:53

MFA: russia must immediately release ZNPP director general

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