17:53 16 Jun 2021

Zelenskyi comments on Putin's statements about "fascism" in Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyi believes that the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin about "fascism" in Ukraine, as well as that Ukraine being "part of the Russian world," cannot be taken seriously.

The President of Ukraine spoke about this in an interview with Agence France-Presse, Reuters, and the Associated Press.

"It's hilarious when they give an example of some Nazi sentiment. I watch it as a 'Comedy Club' when they talk about it. This whole 'fascist Jew' story is a bit like Quentin Tarantino, this stunning film 'Inglourious Basterds,' remember? Phantasmagoria! Here, I don't understand how people in Russia believe in it in general. They know us well! We have been together for so many years. There was one cinema, one culture, one theater, books. The amazing Ukrainian literature was popular there. Russian literature is popular in Ukraine. I can't understand how he talks about some 'fascism'! I can't take it seriously. In general, to the media that promote it, I want to respond like a man. Because what other arguments can you say? How can you tell me that?" Zelenskyi said, commenting on Putin's words.

The president said his relatives were shot by the Nazis during World War II when Ukraine was occupied by Nazi Germany. And now that Russia has occupied part of Ukraine's territory, it calls Ukrainians "Nazis."

"I'm just surprised, firstly, by the superficial knowledge of some Russian media, and secondly, by the superficial knowledge of some of those around him or first-person assistants. How do they prepare it for him in general?" Zelenskyi said.

"It seems that they fought against Nazism, and we were Nazis… Who are we anyway? This is the main split, information war, informational wiping their feet on our country. Take away all the victories that were in Ukraine. Just take all culture, faith, literature, victory over Nazism is political kleptomania, there's no other definition," the president added.

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Фашизм передбачає диктатуру, а в Україні влада передається. Путлєр не там побачив фашизм


В Украине фашизма не было с 1944г. и он пришел в 2014г. захватив Крым и Донбасс,
напал на мирную Украину.


Типичная риторика россиян - навязывание очевидной лжи! А "верят" им только те, кому хорошо заплатят.


Паршивий ліліПутін - вірний послідовник Гітлера і Геббельса, побачив в Україні "фашизм". Правильно передбачав Черчіль, що в майбутньому фашисти будуть називати себе "антифашистами".

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