6 may, 13:52

Zelenskyi announces the signing of an important document with the U.S.

5 may, 13:16

Meeting between Zelenskyi and US State Secretary Blinken will take place tomorrow - OP

4 may, 09:11

Ukraine didn't receive the vaccine from the European community despite the EU's declaration - Zelenskyi

29 apr, 14:40

Zelenskyi's Office considers several options for places to meet with Putin - Mass media

28 apr, 11:34

Meeting with Putin has to take place in a territory embodying peace and dialogue - Zelenskyi

28 apr, 09:55

A full-scale war with Ukraine can and should be avoided - Lavrov

27 apr, 16:24

Zelenskyi proposes to create a format parallel to Normandy

27 apr, 16:00

Zelenskyi's Office explains details of his visit to Poland

23 apr, 11:06

The withdrawal of Russian troops results from the work of the president, his team, and international partners - Yermak

22 apr, 17:56

Zelenskyi comments on statement on Russian troops withdrawing

21 apr, 17:21

Zelenskyi had a conversation with Slovakian Prime Minister

21 apr, 09:56

Zelenskyi signs law on drafting reservists for military service

16 apr, 17:44

Zelenskyi explains why the meeting with Macron dragged on

16 apr, 17:13

Normandy format without Russia: Merkel joined the conversation between Zelensky and Macron - Mass media

16 apr, 11:37

Zelenskyi: Ukraine is on the right path to restarting the Constitutional Court

16 apr, 09:55

French president believes Russia's actions threaten Ukraine's sovereignty

15 apr, 16:37

Zelenskyi had a telephone conversation with President of European Council: what they talked about

What's Happening
15 apr, 15:01

Putin's bluff or approaching war? What Kremlin wants from Zelenskyi in Donbas

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