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20 oct, 12:18

What Zelenskyi said in the annual message in the Rada: the most important statements

19 oct, 22:22

Zelenskyi named the condition for introducing strict quarantine

16 oct, 19:24

Zelenskyi and Erdoğan made a joint statement after the meeting

15 oct, 18:02

"No pause, but there are several problems," Zelenskyi explained the delay with the IMF tranche

15 oct, 12:25

Zelenskyi's poll: all 5 questions appeared online

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15 oct, 09:33

"Lifetime sentence for corruption, and marijuana legalization:" what's wrong with Zelenskyi's national poll

13 oct, 13:21

The OP explained Zelenskyi's initiative to poll: "That's how true democracy works"

12 oct, 14:51

Zelenskyi and Duda signed a joint statement on the cooperation development between the states

12 oct, 10:44

Zelenskyi commented on Ukraine's entering NATO: It is not a fantasy

12 oct, 09:42

If I can't end the war, we need another person - Zelenskyi

9 oct, 09:28

Zelenskyi spoke with the Lord Mayor of London City and stated that he wants to build Kyiv City

8 oct, 21:45

"We brought 2.5 billion from the UK": Zelenskyi revealed extra details about the visit to London

8 oct, 16:35

Zelenskyi met with Johnson: what they talked about

8 oct, 14:23

Ukraine and Britain sign trade and strategic partnership agreement

6 oct, 16:33

Zelenskyi arrived at the EU-Ukraine Summit

6 oct, 09:53

Zelenskyi explained why elections in the uncontrolled Donbas are now impossible

5 oct, 14:14

Zelenskyi spoke at the "Diia Summit": 2021 will be the beginning of the "paperless" mode, no more papers to get government services

1 oct, 15:15

Zelenskyi wants to reopen a dialogue with China: "Ukraine has substantial potential for cooperation"

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