30 sep, 10:41

Ukraine to create defense fund funded by sale of confiscated Russian assets

29 sep, 16:44

Zelensky meets president of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Kyiv

28 sep, 19:55

Zelensky meets with French armed forces minister to discuss joint weapons production

28 sep, 16:38

Ukraine joining NATO is "just a matter of time": Zelensky on his talks with Stoltenberg

28 sep, 14:34

Zelensky asks NATO to supply more air defense systems to protect Ukraine's critical infrastructure

28 sep, 09:36

Ukraine and UK strengthen talks on air defense ahead of Russian attacks in winter

27 sep, 10:12

"All of Ukraine will come to a standstill to honor fallen soldiers": Zelensky announces nationwide moment of silence on Defender's Day

24 sep, 21:53

New US weapons "will make their presence felt on the battlefield" – Zelensky

23 sep, 14:58

Zelensky meets with Sudanese Sovereign Council chairman on impromptu airport encounter in Ireland

22 sep, 21:21

United to win: Canada allocates almost $500 mln in military aid to Ukraine

22 sep, 18:43

Biden promises ATACMS long-range missiles for Ukraine

22 sep, 09:31

Zelensky arrives in Canada on unannounced visit

21 sep, 17:55

Zelensky held a meeting with US Congress leaders

20 sep, 19:47

Zelensky names two conditions for an honest, reliable, and complete cessation of hostilities

19 sep, 09:22

Biden to discuss frontline progress with Ukraine's president in meeting at White House

18 sep, 11:38

Putin's actions are "leading to a third world war" – Zelensky

16 sep, 19:36

Zelensky: over 80 international defense firms to attend Defense Industries Forum

12 sep, 20:56

Israeli PM Netanyahu and Ukrainian President Zelensky to meet in New York soon

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