18 sep, 11:38

Putin's actions are "leading to a third world war" – Zelensky

11 sep, 11:38

Zelensky: "The mistake is not diplomacy. The mistake is diplomacy with Putin"

5 sep, 20:47

"A manifestation of deep-rooted anti-Semitism among Russian elites": Ukraine's foreign ministry responds to Putin's anti-Semitic remarks about Zelensky

4 sep, 19:45

Ukrainian and Turkish presidents to hold talks following Putin-Erdoğan meeting in Sochi – FM Kuleba

19 aug, 15:37

Borrell: "Putin was wrong in almost everything" when invading Ukraine

19 aug, 10:34

"Russia has already lost" the war, failing to achieve any of its planned goals – Biden

2 aug, 15:20

Erdoğan presses Putin to allow safe passage for Ukrainian grain shipments, agrees to in-person meeting

27 jul, 18:51

UN chief: “a handful of donations" won't fix dramatic impact of Russia's blockade on Ukrainian grain

18 jul, 15:29

Overnight Russian shelling of Odesa was "revenge" for Crimean Bridge attack – Kremlin spokesperson

14 jul, 14:51

Putin to attend BRICS summit in person – South African President Ramaphosa

25 jun, 12:13

Attempted Wagner coup d'etat: what happened?

24 jun, 17:39

Putin urgently departs Moscow for Valdai – Ukraine's intelligence

24 jun, 13:43

"The weakness of the Russian Federation is obvious": Zelensky reacts to Prigozhin's rebellion

22 jun, 10:24

Russia tries to hide its crimes against children in Ukraine – UK intelligence

29 may, 15:19

Putin legalizes elections and deportations in Ukraine's temporarily occupied territories

23 may, 16:35

Moldova will arrest Putin if he visits the country – Sandu

14 may, 19:44

Zelensky: negotiating with Kremlin led by Putin "makes no sense" for Ukraine

10 may, 16:15

Russia withdraws from CFE treaty that limits production of weapons in European armies

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