21 nov, 19:33

Erdogan accused russia of non fulfillment of agreements in Syria

21 nov, 16:00

Price we pay as NATO allies is measured in money, while Ukrainians pay price measured in blood — NATO Secretary General

18 nov, 16:09

russia's elites came to terms with defeat in war after loss of Kherson — russian media

14 nov, 10:16

British Prime Minister proposed 5-step plan to reduce russia's influence on world economy

11 nov, 12:32

Zelensky doesn't believe in prospect of peace talks with russia

7 nov, 12:37

UK ambassador: putin hasn't achieved any of his strategic goals in Ukraine

3 nov, 17:25

Zelensky has emphasized — Ukraine will not participate in G20 summit if putin is there

29 oct, 14:01

Zelensky to students of Yale University: It is in Ukraine that global fate of democracy will be determined

20 oct, 19:44

US Secretary of State believes putin has fallen into despair

17 oct, 08:55

putin will use any ceasefire to prepare for offensive — ISW

14 oct, 16:29

putin said mobilization in russia to be completed within two weeks with 16 thousand mobilized already fighting in Ukraine

12 oct, 08:12

putin totally miscalculated by invading Ukraine - Biden

11 oct, 13:49

Erdogan's meeting with putin will take place on October 12: what is known

9 oct, 09:11

Damage to Crimean Bridge will affect russia's ability to sustain its forces in southern Ukraine - British intelligence

7 oct, 09:06

Biden gives grim warning on dangers of putin's nuclear threats

30 sep, 16:07

putin signs decrees on "annexation" of occupied Ukrainian regions

27 sep, 10:20

putin may soon announce annexation of occupied territories, although without desired effect in russia — British intelligence

26 sep, 14:48

Turkey working to organize meeting between Zelensky and putin – Turkish FM

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