Zhytomyr region

30 sep, 18:03

The First Regional Forum on restoration after russian aggression took place in Zhytomyr region

29 sep, 11:19

BGV Group Management Launches New Stone Crushing Plant In Zhytomyr Region

19 sep, 15:09

Dried borscht, books, and camouflage: how Berdychiv library became volunteer headquarters and place of strength for IDPs

1 sep, 18:59

First regional recovery forum will be held in Zhytomyr region in September

10 aug, 10:06

Ukraine's recovery launches with first internationally funded object

12 jul, 19:09

Estonia is Building a Kindergarten in the Town of Ovruch, in Zhytomyr region

25 jun, 09:12

Ukrainian serviceman killed as russians fire about 30 missiles at Zhytomyr region

Business Solution
11 apr, 10:56

"Amidst the war, there are no set processes, strategies, algorithms. Every day, everything is different", BGV Group Management

4 apr, 18:03

Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed russians from Zhytomyr region

14 mar, 08:31

In Zhytomyr region, occupiers destroyed 7 buildings, TV tower damaged near Rivne

9 mar, 09:08

As a result of an enemy airstrike in Zhytomyr region, 5 people were killed, two of them children

6 mar, 10:14

Occupiers launched a missile strike on Zhytomyr region: 40 private houses damaged, one person died

6 mar, 08:44

Occupiers continue to bomb Zhytomyr region - regional police

24 feb, 13:10

Russian troops are launching assault in Kyiv region - State Border Guard Service

31 jan, 16:30

From waste to art: how Zhytomyr region solves the problem of glass waste

1 dec, 15:05

"The river carries us in a fantastic boat", or how social agreements make cities better

1 dec, 14:40

Zhytomyr FC Polissia sums up the interim results of the season: exclusive details

22 nov, 14:23

Race rack in Zhytomyr region entered into Book of Records of Ukraine

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