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Ukraine's mobile modules improve access to rehabilitation for war victims in smaller communities

Photo: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The city of Ovruch in the northwestern Zhytomyr region welcomes a mobile rehabilitation module for war victims, Rubryka reports, citing Ukraine's Health Ministry.

What's the problem?

During the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, both soldiers and civilians suffer significant injuries daily, which, unfortunately, leads to various degrees of disability, health loss, and reduced ability to work. These Ukrainians now require the utmost attention, care, and assistance.

Crucial aspects of their post-injury life include medical treatment, various forms of rehabilitation, and the restoration of lost bodily functions or their compensation.

Medical rehabilitation is the first step in restoring a person to a full life. However, there is a shortage of rehabilitation centers in the country due to Russia's full-scale war, where thousands of soldiers are injured.

What's the solution?

A new mobile rehabilitation module for war-affected Ukrainians in Ovruch will provide recovery services, making them even more accessible.

Residents who suffered due to the full-scale war will be able to receive psychosocial support and undergo physical rehabilitation.

Photo: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

How does it work?

"Such modules are an example of accessible and high-quality outpatient services for human recovery. Any patient requiring long-term rehabilitation can now get it in their community," said the announcement.

Of course, this is just the beginning — by the end of the year, the project plans to significantly expand, according to the health ministry. One of the department's main priorities is to cover the entire country with a rehabilitation "umbrella." The Ukrainian government wants any village, settlement, or city to have the facilities that can provide necessary services.

"The policy of heroes is a priority for our state. It's about respect for our defenders not just in words but in deeds. That's why we are working to make rehabilitation and psychosocial support available nationwide," says Viktor Liashko, the Minister of Health of Ukraine. "The involvement of local authorities is crucial because, after inpatient rehabilitation, the patient returns home to their community. Solutions like mobile rehabilitation modules allow recovery to continue on an outpatient basis — in comfortable conditions. The example in Ovruch demonstrates how it can work in communities across Ukraine."

Photo: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Similar rehabilitation modules are not only in Ovruch. Their prototypes are already working in Kyiv and Rivne. Thanks to low production costs and quick installation, such a format of rehabilitation spaces can be scaled within the country.

Currently, the production capabilities of the social franchise are 40 modules per year. Mobile rehabilitation modules are primarily aimed at people affected by the full-scale war unleashed by Russia: veterans, their families, and civilians.

This is a multifunctional barrier-free space where a person can recover both physically and psychologically. Each module has a multidisciplinary team consisting of a physiotherapist, speech therapist, case manager, psychologist, and other specialists.

Experts from such a mobile module help patients with physical rehabilitation, prosthetics, and speech restoration. Also, if needed, they provide psychological and legal support, educational consultations, retraining, and employment assistance.

According to Ukrainian defender Andrii Oliichuk, rehabilitation in the community is an extremely important component of returning to full life after injury or trauma:

"The main help from the team that worked with me, besides physical recovery, was overcoming emotional and psychological difficulties. In my opinion, at the stage when you return to full social life, it is very important to receive assistance and support of various kinds. And it's very convenient when it can be done in one place in your community," said the Ukrainian defender.

Similar rehabilitation modules fully comply with the health ministry's concept for the development of the rehabilitation system. They integrate into the local healthcare system and contract with the National Health Service of Ukraine.

To become a patient of the rehabilitation module in Ovruch, one needs to visit the social franchise website and fill out an online form. After that, the representatives will contact the applicant, choose a convenient time for a visit, and accompany them throughout the rehabilitation process.

The western city of Rivne opened a rehabilitation center at the regional clinical hospital, where the military and civilians can receive treatment after injuries and undergo rehabilitation.

Also, the central city of Dnipro readies a rehabilitation center, enabling more than a thousand military and civilians to restore their health annually.

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