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Solutions to win: Ukrainian volunteers donate 18 FPV drones to armed forces

Photo: Zhytomyr City Council

The Ukrainian volunteer project "Zhytomyr Drone" delivered 18 FPV drones to the soldiers of the 95th brigade, Rubryka reports, referring to the Zhytomyr City Council.

What's the problem?

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has said modern weapons that can strike the enemy are the key to future victory. They include new developments in the Defense Tech cluster and scaling up the production of drones, electronic warfare, and other critical front-line munitions.

"The government has made a real revolution in regulating drone production. We have adopted 20 laws and bylaws, scaling up the production 100 times," said the top state official. "Bureaucracy has been eliminated, and around two hundred private companies are in real competition." 

According to Ukrainian Digital Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, the production and supply volumes of Ukrainian drones increased in 2023 by more than 120 times, which is part of broader efforts to develop and produce drones during wartime to narrow the gap with Russia's strike capabilities.

However, mass-scale production is still far from being achieved in Ukraine, so volunteer organizations and donations from average Ukrainians also help the military purchase FPV drones.

What's the solution?

Thanks to the "Zhytomyr Drone" project, 18 FPV drones were handed over to Ukrainian soldiers.

дрони для військвих

Photo: Zhytomyr City Council

"Another 18 FPV drones from the 'Zhytomyr Drone' project are heading to the front line. This batch of drones was handed over to the 95th brigade," said Andrii Zabihailo, head of the Department for Veterans Affairs of the city council.

How does it work?

As a representative of veterans reported, most of the drones are assembled by residents of Zhytomyr and representatives from other cities.

дрони для військвих

Photo: Zhytomyr City Council

"People from other cities send us drones via 'Nova Poshta' [a Ukrainian postal service], we test them, and then pass them on to the military," said Zabihailo.

According to him, the "Zhytomyr Drone" project has been operating for three months already. All drones assembled by people have passed testing. Some of them have been improved by engineers. The military uses such drones to eliminate the enemy and conduct reconnaissance.

дрони для військвих

Photo: Zhytomyr City Council

дрони для військвих

Photo: Zhytomyr City Council

In related news, Ukraine aims to transition the production of electronic warfare to market rails, following the example of drones.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation presented the new strike drone Shoolika mk6, created by members of the Brave1 cluster. The Defense Forces have already tested it.


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