10:29 01 Mar 2024

BGV Charity Fund launches fundraising campaign on Dobro.ua platform to support Inclusive Resource Center in Olevsk

The Inclusive Resource Center (IRC) in Olevsk, Zhytomyr region, urgently needs special interactive equipment for conducting classes with children with special educational needs. The BGV Charity Fund has launched a nationwide fundraising campaign on the Dobro.ua platform to support the institution.

This center is currently the only one in 33 towns where specialists work professionally with children diagnosed with coordination disorders, cerebral palsy, and autism spectrum disorders.

Now, the facility is regularly attended by 37 children, with about 100 more receiving advisory support from the institution's specialists and attending classes on average once a month.

Interactive equipment can significantly enhance the effectiveness of classes by promoting the development of motor coordination skills, sensory skills, fine motor skills, vestibular apparatus, speech, as well as reading and counting skills. It also contributes to developing intellect, memory, and attention and improving children's psycho-emotional state.

The development progress of children with special educational needs is a tangible psychological support for their parents. The director of the Olevsk Inclusive Resource Center, Olena Buchynska, shared the story of Vladislav as an example that illustrates how a child's successes positively affect their entire family:

"Vladyk's mom reached out to the IRC over two years ago. She was confused and constantly crying, not knowing what to do next for her child, how to proceed…
Initially, we made a comprehensive assessment of the child's development, had many consultations, provided educational support to the boy and his family, and corrective-developmental sessions with IRC specialists.
Today, Vladyslav is six years old. He can already read and count. He knows numbers and forms two-word sentences, although he hardly communicates independently. Of course, there is still a lot of work ahead. The child finds it extremely difficult to acquire new skills, but we do not stop, and step by step, we move toward the set goal. We're happy that the parents have overcome stress, rejoice at Vladislav's every achievement, and dream of attending a regular school in the 1st grade. The family welcomed another child as a testament to their positive development."

You can support the fundraising campaign with a donation and find the list of needed interactive equipment by following the link

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