Defenders of Ukraine

14 oct, 16:01

"The war is different now. Completely": five stories of Ukraine's defenders

Special Project
14 oct, 15:00

How gas company helps Ukrainian military: solution from JSC Kyivoblgaz

14 oct, 10:48

To Commemorate Defenders Day, 1000 bracelets from the last pre-war batch of Azovstal, inscribed with "I BELIEVE IN THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE" are available in Ukraine. 100 of them are signed by Valerii Zaluzhnyi himself

Special Project
30 sep, 16:35

"If I don't write about torture now, I write about death," story of journalist who escaped from Mariupol

15 sep, 16:30

Bulletproof pants, cyber-shorts, and underpants with ties: how Dnipro "sewing company" dresses Ukrainian defenders

8 sep, 14:42

English for Ukrainian army, or how military base got itself teacher, flower garden, and language classes

Special Project
17 aug, 14:10

"Emergency in civilian life is car crash, but now it's russia as neighbor": story of anesthesiologist who became combat medic

Special Project
12 aug, 13:04

"Ones destroying your land and children must be killed": how military chaplain supports defenders

Special Project
1 aug, 15:59

"With my boxes full of books," or story about volunteering and not forgetting home

Special project
27 jul, 16:12

"If I didn't have small children, I would go to war": how a volunteer changed entrepreneurship to a field kitchen

18 jul, 14:17

Lectures from trenches: how university professor teaches on frontline

Special project
8 jul, 17:45

Koleso saving lives. How the military is taught tactical medicine

Special Project
14 jun, 15:07

"It has been three months since my contract expired." A soldier from Kyiv shows Donetsk cats and destroys russian orcs

Special Project
8 jun, 18:15

Fighting back against russians: How a common inventor became part of Ukraine’s territorial defense

Special project
11 may, 15:18

"Kitty the Defender" and "Ghost of Kyiv": a story of the boy with autism who helps the army

Special Project
3 may, 20:15

"Sinking Moskva cruiser is like striking at the Kremlin": businessman and front line warrior on the war

Special Project
22 apr, 18:05

Easter cakes for defenders: how the culinary front was deployed in Dnipro

28 oct, 10:52

Zelenskyy honors World War II victims

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