Defenders of Ukraine

29 apr, 17:27

There are three causes of death in war: special forces officer on the needs of the army

Photo report
16 apr, 21:30

Celebrating Easter on the front lines: Rubryka's photos from the east of Ukraine

13 apr, 13:42

"Usual algorithms stopped working:" Dnipro rehabilitation center restores war-wounded bodies

6 apr, 14:50

Treating and rehabilitating Ukrainians in Ukraine: Nezlamni Rehabilitation Center in Lviv

24 mar, 19:44

French volunteer killed in action in Bakhmut

14 mar, 11:57

Stories of Ukrainian volunteer service members fighting to restore Ukraine's territorial integrity

Photo report
10 mar, 18:19

Farewell to legendary Da Vinci in Kyiv: photo report

6 mar, 13:10

"Krym" defending Bakhmut: a serviceman stands against those who stole his home

2 mar, 15:16

Frozen future: why the military should preserve their genetic material

Special project
24 feb, 12:00

"I know where I will return," or the case of a business supporting employees at the front line

She's got it
16 feb, 14:52

"It is unbearably difficult to do alone what used to be done together": stories of businesswomen whose loved ones died at the front

15 feb, 15:32

Animal-assisted therapy and military rehabilitation: How man's best friend can heal the scars of war

14 feb, 10:22

For better and for worse: stories of couples who went to war together

3 feb, 14:55

Drones, helmets and mine detectors: Ukrainian "garage masters" helping the army

29 jan, 10:35

Battle of Kruty 105th anniversary: how students stand up for Ukraine's independence here and now

26 jan, 15:06

Army regulation or betrayal: what newly adopted law on military personnel responsibility entails

30 dec, 12:38

Solutions journalism 2022: 12 Rubryka articles that inspire us for Victory

29 dec, 14:17

Solutions journalism works: 10 Rubryka's best articles in December

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