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Kyiv region introduces the Alley of Heroes

In the center of Vasylkiv, in the Kyiv region, a new memorial object appeared — the Alley of Heroes. Photos of soldiers who died defending Ukraine were placed on the square.

Rubryka reports this, referring to the Facebook page of the Vasylkiv Tactical Aviation Brigade.

What is the problem?

Ukrainian soldiers die in the war every day. These are worthy and courageous men, soldiers who defended Ukraine from the Russian invasion and gave their lives for it. Their victory is priceless. Everyone should remember them. These Heroes will live in the thoughts and hearts of Ukrainians as long as they remember their feat.

На Київщині з'явилася алея Героїв-захисників

What is the solution?

Alley of Heroes appeared in the center of Vasylkiv. Among them are service members of the Center air command aviation units, who, from February 24, 2022, put the heaviest burden on their shoulders and wings — the protection of the sky of Ukraine.

На Київщині з'явилася алея Героїв-захисників

Photographs of the deceased soldiers of the 128th Zakarpattia Mountain Assault Brigade were also placed in Heroes' Alley. They died on February 26, 2022, during the defense of Vasylkiv. The feat of Zakarpattia stormtroopers is also planned to be immortalized with a memorial plaque.

На Київщині з'явилася алея Героїв-захисників

How does it work?

The mayor of Vasylkiv, Nataliia Balasynovych, said that at the place of death on Dekabriystiv Street, they plan to install a memorial plaque for the brave defenders.

На Київщині з'явилася алея Героїв-захисників

"It is our sacred duty to perpetuate their memory on the territory of our community. Eternal tribute to Heroes! To the relatives who came today from different cities of Ukraine to the city of the death of their sons and husbands, strength and courage!" the official wrote on the social network.

На Київщині з'явилася алея Героїв-захисників


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