08:49 06 Oct 2023

Rehabilitation center for wounded soldiers of the national network RECOVERY has been launched in Lviv

An innovative rehabilitation center for gravely wounded military personnel of the national RECOVERY network has been launched in Lviv. 

The Lviv center is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and has been arranged to meet the requirements of inclusivity: spacious hallways, sanitary and hygienic areas for patients with limited mobility. With the RECOVERY project, wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be able to recover according to the world's highest standards.

A medical and rehabilitation base has been created on the first floor of the center. In particular, a large physical rehabilitation room and a physiotherapy room equipped in strict accordance with international standards. State-of-the-art virtual reality equipment provides feedback to the patient. In addition, there are rooms for occupational therapy, individual physical therapy, assistive technology, etc.

The ward unit of the RECOVERY Center was renovated and expanded from 20 to 44 beds. All rooms are equipped with multifunctional beds with electric drive and appropriate furniture for a comfortable stay of patients. More than 1000 defenders of Ukraine will be able to receive rehabilitation assistance here during the year.

У Львові запрацював реабілітаційний центр для поранених військових національної мережі RECOVERY

"The rapid expansion of the national innovative rehabilitation industry is a top priority for us in the RECOVERY project. With the opening of new centers all over Ukraine, we want to create the best and most comfortable conditions for the most important people in Ukraine – the Heroes and Heroines who are defending the country's future at the battlefront. For the next year, we have already approved a powerful program. Its goal is to at least double our capacities by opening new facilities and expanding the existing ones. We see that there are very effective teams of doctors with bright eyes. It is with them that we would like to develop and scale this very important project for all of us," said Victor Pinchuk, founder of the RECOVERY project.

As in other centers of the national RECOVERY network, a multidisciplinary team of specialists rehabilitates patients in Lviv. Depending on the needs of each wounded person, they are treated according to an individual program – doctors of physical rehabilitation medicine, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech and language therapists and other specialists.

У Львові запрацював реабілітаційний центр для поранених військових національної мережі RECOVERY

"Our specialists are a powerful multidisciplinary team that has completed highly qualified training and has the most modern equipment at their disposal. For example, thanks to VR technologies and computerized equipment, our patients can quickly and efficiently restore their lost functions," said Vasyl Trunkwalter, director of the hospital that hosts the RECOVERY rehabilitation center for the military in Lviv.

The RECOVERY project aims to develop the rehabilitation industry in the country, which involves the creation of a national network of special centers for seriously wounded soldiers. The centers also provide international educational programs for rehabilitation specialists, complex prosthetics for military personnel abroad in cases where this is not possible in Ukraine, and high-quality rehabilitation for injured soldiers in private partner clinics.

У Львові запрацював реабілітаційний центр для поранених військових національної мережі RECOVERY

Today, the innovative centers of the national RECOVERY network operate in Lviv, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Odesa (two centers) and Dnipro region (two centers). New centers are scheduled to open in Rivne and Khmelnytskyi regions of Dnipro by the end of this year. The national network will continue to expand in 2024.

In the six months since the project's launch, nearly 2,500 servicemen and women have undergone rehabilitation at the Recovery centers. It is planned that in total, almost 20,000 Ukrainian defenders will be able to receive rehabilitation assistance in partner centers every year.

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