23 jan, 18:27

Hungary will not support EU sanctions against russia's nuclear power industry

20 jan, 12:05

Different Hungary: Hungarian writer and activist on why Orbán's politics are doomed

19 jan, 21:07

Hungary has blocked allocation of seventh tranche of 500 million euros to Ukraine — media

27 dec, 15:49

Hungary's Prime Minister believes US should stop providing Ukraine with money and weapons to end war

13 dec, 08:26

EU compromises with Hungary to unlock 18-bln aid package for Ukraine

8 dec, 13:43

Hungary says it won't support new EU sanctions package against russia – FT

6 dec, 15:50

Hungary blocked €18 billion euros EU aid package to Ukraine in 2023

2 dec, 16:14

Hungarian PM continues to oppose EU's plan to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros

22 nov, 11:25

Hungary's PM wears scarf depicting Great Hungary with region of Ukraine as its part

27 oct, 09:32

Hungary promises to remove anti-Ukrainian propaganda about russia's war from school textbook

8 sep, 10:13

Croatia plans to ban gas exports, which could increase tensions with Hungary

2 sep, 16:07

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry responded to Hungary's remarks on EU's weakening due to war

24 aug, 14:46

Hungary opposes new sanctions and visa restrictions for russians

21 jun, 15:46

Zelensky invited Hungarian Prime Minister to visit Ukraine

20 jun, 17:42

Hungary to support EU candidate status for Ukraine — Orban

10 may, 14:34

Hungary assures it won't block Ukraine's membership in the EU, the ambassador says

5 may, 21:35

Hungary states it is ready to help rebuild Kyiv region

19 apr, 17:55

Hungary will not allow the use of its territory to send weapons to Ukraine, Hungarian Foreign Minister reports

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