13:43 08 Dec 2022

Hungary says it won't support new EU sanctions package against russia – FT

At the meeting of the ambassadors of the EU countries, Hungary opposed the planned new sanctions package against the russian federation.

Financial Times reports, citing sources.

"At a mammoth day of meetings of EU ambassadors yesterday, Hungary — having already vetoed an €18bn aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday — spoke out against a new Russia sanctions package and a proposal to double the EU's fund for providing weapons to Ukraine and other countries," the publication says.

"They are being difficult wherever they can. It is becoming rather predictable," a senior EU official, who was informed about the progress of the meetings, commented.

To recap, Budapest imposes the right of veto on decisions that require the unanimity of all 27 member states because Brussels refused to provide Hungary with part of the EU funds due to problems with the rule of law.

As Rubryka reported, on December 7, on Wednesday, the European Commission announced the ninth sanctions package against russia for the war it unleashed, which it proposes to member countries to approve.

About 200 individuals and companies are proposed to be added to the sanctions list, including:

  • military,
  • representatives of the defense industry,
  • members of the State Duma and Federation Council,
  • ministers,
  • governors
  • politicians

In addition, the European Commission proposes sanctions against three more russian banks and additional export restrictions for dual-purpose goods.

The European Commission has also prepared measures to complicate russia's access to manufacturing and purchasing drones.

Hungary spoke against the adoption of the proposal of the European Commission to allocate 18 billion euros of financial aid to Ukraine in 2023 at the Council of the European Union meeting.


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