16:14 02 Dec 2022

Hungarian PM continues to oppose EU's plan to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he would continue to oppose the European Union's plan to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros in aid next year.

Telex reports this, Rubryka writes.

Orbán noted: "We do not support taking a joint EU loan for this purpose because we do not want the EU to turn into a community of states with common debts. Turning from a community of states into a community of debtors is unnecessary. It is not Hungary that usually finds itself in a situation where it cannot return its debts, but other countries. We do not support joint borrowing by the EU, not only in connection with Ukraine but also in other cases."

He stated that it is necessary to divide the costs of supporting Ukraine and for each country to pay separately from its budget.

Orbán also added: "We have reserved the necessary money and will give it to Ukraine in 2023. If the West sought peace, these costs would not exist or be so large. But for now, Hungary is unnecessarily forced, but understands that it is necessary to support Ukraine".

The Hungarian Prime Minister is dissatisfied with the fact that Ukraine is given funds not only for military needs but also for the functioning of the state.

"They can't pay pensions and maintain their infrastructure, so they asked the EU to give them money. It's so simple and primitive — to give money," he said.


The European Parliament supported allocating 18 billion euros to Ukraine in 2023.

The EU Council must unanimously approve the loan on December 6 before the European Commission can go to the markets and allocate support in early 2023.


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