Sumy region

27 feb, 17:48

Russian shelling leads to fatalities in Sumy region: two policemen killed, six hospitalized

Photo, video
26 feb, 08:25

Russian drones and rockets attack Ukraine: four injured in Dnipro, couple killed in Sumy

20 feb, 11:51

Russian bombing kills family of five in front-line Sumy region

9 feb, 19:59

Russian troops drop seven aerial bombs on Sumy region, killing three

4 feb, 11:17

Ukrainian troops kick out Russian subversive group breaking through northern Sumy

27 jan, 11:58

Russian sabotage group kills brother and sister in Sumy region

She's got it
20 jan, 09:05

How the "Moim. Ridnym" project empowers retired women to create for the army and home

1 jan, 17:01

Russian drone strikes residential building in Sumy region, trapping people under rubble

29 dec, 08:06

Russia massively attack Ukraine: major cities of Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv reportedly hit with rockets and drones

13 dec, 19:53

Solutions to win: Eastern Sumy restores war-damaged hospital used to aid 400 patients

28 nov, 16:25

Russia shells Sumy region, injuring three and killing three, including a child

10 oct, 19:59

Russia shells Sumy region, killing 13-year-old girl

5 oct, 21:10

Sumy region establishes new modular clinic replacing hospital destroyed by Russian forces

2 oct, 14:30

Community 4.0: Communities in the Sumy and Volyn regions are becoming more accessible to their residents, investors, and schoolchildren

24 sep, 12:45

Solutions to win: Sumy region establishes rehabilitation center for Ukrainian soldiers

20 sep, 18:32

"Our future is our land," or life in the border town of Bilopillia during the war

20 sep, 12:25

"If it weren't for the war...": reportage from the border village of Pavlivka in the Sumy region

17 sep, 18:34

Russian forces shell border community in Sumy region with artillery, killing one and injuring one

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