11:17 04 Feb 2024

Ukrainian troops kick out Russian subversive group breaking through northern Sumy

Фото: Телеграм / Сергій Наєв

A Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group made another attempt to break through the Ukrainian border in Sumy region

Enemy forces changed their tactics several times, but after 2-hour fighting, the Ukrainian territorial defense unit pushed back the group of ten Russian soldiers, says commander Serhii Nayev.

Ukrainian soldiers had stopped the enemy's attempt to get across the border.

On February 3, at 6:20 p.m., on the outskirts of the Hlukhiv community, soldiers of one of the strongholds noticed the movement of an armed group.

Soldiers started a small arms battle and called in anti-sabotage reserves from their battalion.

ЗСУ, Сумщина

Photo: Serhii Nayev

"Within a few minutes, mortar launchers joined the battle, densely covering the place of enemy concentration," the commander said.

After suffering losses, the enemy changed its tactics, dividing into two groups.

"One of them was evacuating the bodies of the killed and wounded under the cover of their artillery. The second group attempted to bypass the stronghold from the side flank.

But by this time, a counter-sabotage group arrived at the battlefield. The valiant battle lasted for an hour and a half."

ЗСУ, Сумщина

Photo: Serhii Nayev

Enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups attempt to enter the territory of Chernihiv and Sumy regions bordering Russia 9-10 times a month.

The Ukrainian military notes that their goals and objectives depend on the group's size.

On December 13, a Ukrainian border patrol detected several Russians from a sabotage and reconnaissance group moving from their territory. The border guards opened deadly fire on the saboteurs, and a firefight ensued.

On January 1, a woman and a man were killed in the Sumy region as a result of a drone attack. A Russian subversive group shot dead a brother and sister on January 27 in a town a few kilometers from the border.


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