8 jun, 15:42

Zelensky and Scholz talk about strengthening German defense support

7 jun, 16:03

Scholz: Spain has not yet requested the export of German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

3 jun, 13:50

Ukrainian parliament speaker meets with Scholz and calls for swift delivery of heavy weapons

30 may, 17:55

Scholz: solution to EU oil embargo standoff will be found "sooner or later"

27 may, 20:02

Scholz supports deploying weapons to war zone in Ukraine

26 may, 13:49

German Chancellor Scholz: putin must not win his war

20 may, 12:39

Scholz doesn't want to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons and drags time, Ukraine's Ambassador to Germany says

17 may, 13:04

Zelensky reports on "productive negotiations" with Scholz

9 may, 17:44

Scholz comments on arms supplies to Ukraine

21 apr, 12:40

Spiegel: Scholz may face resignation due to delays in providing heavy weapons to Ukraine

18 apr, 14:45

Bundestag again criticized Scholz for the lack of supplies of heavy weapons to Ukraine

12 mar, 17:33

After a conversation with Putin, Macron and Scholz discussed with Zelenskyy Russia's crimes

1 mar, 16:17

Zelenskyy spoke with German Chancellor: what is known

What's Happening
22 feb, 17:05

Stopping Nord Stream 2, fighting misinformation, strengthening the army: how the world responds to Russia's threat

22 feb, 13:12

Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline сertification will be suspended - German Chancellor

14 feb, 13:28

Zelenskyy met Scholz at Mariinskyi Palace in Kyiv

14 feb, 09:09

Scholz once again warns Putin of imminent and immediate sanctions

9 dec, 11:40

Germany's new chancellor: We want everyone to respect integrity of borders

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